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NOAA and NASA Team Up to Investigate Strong El Niño

Survey aims to improve forecasts and models that predict the longer-term impact of climate change.

U.S. Forest Service Stretched After Record Wildfires Year

"Climate change is real and it is with us," says top government official after 10.1 million acres burned in 2015.

The Shum Show: Cold Again… Naturally

As the Polar Vortex sends a chill to the Midwest and Northeast, the Great Lake's ice coverage is far below average.

Mild Winter Keeps Great Lakes Ice Cover Low

Mild winter weather is keeping ice cover on the Great Lakes low, driving lake effect snow and threatening fish stocks.

CO2 Emissions Are Causing Earth to ‘Hyperventilate’

Rising CO2 levels are affecting the breathing patterns of northern forests.

Study: Downpours Over Land Have Slowed Sea Level Rise

Hydrologists discovered precipitation changes that slowed down sea level rise — but the effect may be temporary.

More Rain, Less Snow for U.S. Winters

The ratio of snow to rain that falls each winter season is changing for many locations across the country.

These 9 EU Countries Are Leading the Renewable Charge

The number of EU countries that have met their 2020 renewables goals early continues to rise.

Low Oil Prices Force Slowdown of U.S. Tar Sands Project

Low oil prices and the loss of a contractor have forced a Utah oil sands project to slow to a near halt.

Obama Confident in Climate Plan Despite Court Setback

The Supreme Court halted the Obama administration's most sweeping climate change policy on Tuesday.

Winter Precipitation: More Rain, Less Snow

The ratio of snow to rain that falls each winter season will change in a warming world.

West Likely to Be Stormier With Climate Change

Extreme rain and snow will hit the West Coast more often as the climate changes, scientists found.

Countries Embrace New Rules to Limit Airline Emissions

The United States and 22 other countries agree to cut airlines' emissions over the next 12 years.

Dutch Lawmakers Call for Halt to Wood Energy Subsidies

Dutch lawmakers are worried that subsidizing wood fuel will extend the lives of coal power plants.

Weakening Ice Shelves Raise Sea Level Rise Concerns

New research pinpoints which Antarctic ice shelves are the weakest and pose sea level rise risks.

Climate Change Is Leaving Native Plants Behind

Animals and weeds are bounding up California's warming hills, while native plants are stuck in place.

Europe’s Shift to Dark Green Forests Fuels Warming

A new study finds that dark green conifers in Europe have been fueling global warming.

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm to Be Built in U.K.

Dong Energy makes final investment decision on 1.2-gigawatt project that will power more than a million U.K. homes.

Climate Economists React to Obama’s Proposed Oil Tax

This is what climate economists think Obama's proposed oil tax would mean for the climate and policy.

The Shum Show: Global Warming, Groundhog Style

While groundhogs certainly aren’t meteorologists, Punxsutawney Phil may have stumbled on a climate change trend.


Tropical Trends - Hurricanes and Climate Change The Power Dissipation Index has been on the rise since 1970, along with sea surface temperatures.

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