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Wildfires Out West

In different parts of the American West, climate influences wildfires in unexpected ways.

Can Rain Cause More Fire?

Volatile precipitation patterns, with heavy rains followed by drought, can lead to ideal conditions for wildfires in some states.

Texas Wildfires Continue to Rage Amidst Historic Drought Conditions

An historic drought is stoking major wildfires in Texas, raising questions about whether climate change is playing a role.

Fast Start to Fire Season as Wildfires Scorch Texas

Touched off by drought and high winds, wildfires have burned more than a million acres in Texas so far this year.

Tracking Spring’s Early Onset

Research shows that spring is coming earlier now than in the past, but what that means for individual plants and animals is still uncertain.…

NOAA Scientists Find No Clear Human Connection to Deadly 2010 Russian Heat Wave, But…

A new study finds that primarily natural causes led to last summer's soaring temperatures in Russia, but similar events are becoming more like…

Top Ten Climate Events of 2010

A number of extreme and record breaking climate events took place in 2010. Here's our list reviewing the ten biggest newsmakers.

Alaska Wildfires Release Decades of Carbon

Recent climate changes have increased Alaskan wildfires, releasing greenhouse gases that had been locked in the soil.

Wildfire Predictions for the Next Century

A new study predicts that warmer global temperatures will lead to more wildfires.

Climate in Context: Can Wildfires Worsen Climate Change? Hermine Soaks Texas, Igor Lurks in Atlantic

A new study says that massive clouds of smoke from forest fires can vault pollutants into the stratosphere; Atlantic hurricane season stays ac…

Pushing the Envelope of Climate Science ‘Attribution Studies’

In the wake of a wild summer, climate scientists are seeking to improve their understanding of links between climate change and extreme weathe…

Connecting the Dots Between Russian Heat Wave and Asian Floods

The epic Russian heat wave, deadly flooding in Pakistan, and climate change may be related, but exactly how is unclear.

Unique View of Russian Wildfires

New satellite image depicts the scope of impacts from Russian wildfires, which are associated with a record-breaking heat wave gripping large…

Bark beetle outbreaks may influence forest fire risk

Wildfire smoke is a public health threat

Wildfires have increased dramatically in Washington State

Warmer temperatures are promoting wildfires in the American West

The western fire season is growing months longer

Much more wildfire burns in the West during years with early snowmelt

Scientists project the annual area wildfires burn in Washington State to double or more