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6 Degrees: Costly Weather, Drought, Fires and the Heat

Extreme weather dominates the top climate stories that happened this week and there's a quiz too.

Picture This: Twin Waterspouts and Amazing Aurora

In this week's Picture This, we've got an amazing aurora Vine, a typhoon's mean eye, and twin waterspouts.

Fires in NW Territories in Line with ‘Unprecedented’ Burn

The wildfires searing the Northwest Territories could be a harbinger of things to come in a warming world.

Weather Disasters Have Cost the Globe $2.4 Trillion

A new report shows just how costly climate- and weather-related disasters are across the globe.

World Bank: Tackling Climate Will Grow the Economy

Findings put to rest claims that the world could not afford to act on climate change.

2014: A Weird Weather Year in Alaska So Far

The first five months of the year in Alaska have been unusually warm, particularly in far northern Barrow.

Map Shows Energy Installations In Extreme Weather’s Path

Energy Information Administration's online energy map shows infrastructure in path of extreme weather.

The Navajo Nation’s Shifting Sands of Climate Change

Few other places in the West exemplify the changes brought about by climate change more than the Navajo Nation.

Here Are 5 National Landmarks Facing Climate Threats

A new report looks at the U.S. cultural heritage sites most threatened by rising seas, wildfires, and storms.

100 Percent of California Now in Highest Stages of Drought

All of California is now in the highest stages of drought, while rains brought some relief to parts of Texas.

U.S. Climate Change Report Warns of Regional Impacts

The third National Climate Assessments makes it clear climate change is happening now in the U.S.

Western U.S. Faces Bigger, More Frequent Wildfires

The U.S. is likely to have warmer, drier winters in the West & unusually cold ones in the East & Southeast.

The Explosive Growth of California’s Drought in 1 Chart

The entire state of California is now in drought. One chart shows its expansion since 2013.

Since 1st Earth Day, U.S. Temps Marching Upward

A state-by-state analysis of U.S. temperature trends since the first Earth Day shows the warming trend.

Cast of Stars Put Face on Climate Change in New Series

Producers hope emotions of celebrities like Harrison Ford will connect with ordinary Americans.

Rains Won’t Quell California Wildfire Season

The 2014 wildfire season could be catastrophic in California, but Colorado could be in for a reprieve.

IPCC Says Climate Change is Here, World Needs to Adapt

The latest IPCC report says climate change impacts are already occurring and will worsen without adaptation.

6 Degrees: Energy Info, Storm Winds & Murderous Reigns

From climate's tie to Genghis Khan to a view of storm winds from the top of the world, see the latest.

GAO: Climate Change Threatens Energy Infrastructure

New GAO report exposes myriad climate change threats to U.S. energy infrastructure.

Extreme Weather is a ‘Silver Lining’ for Climate Action

U.N. climate chief says flooding & heat waves have raised the issue of climate change to the highest level.


Countries That Set New Record Highs in 2010 More countries have set new record high temperatures in 2010 than during any other year since instrumental records began.