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West Likely to Be Stormier With Climate Change

Extreme rain and snow will hit the West Coast more often as the climate changes, scientists found.

Hot, Dry Weather Could Cut Into California’s Snowpack

An unwelcome dose of heat and dry weather is coming to California, putting snowpack in jeopardy.

Study: Deep Ocean Waters Trapping Vast Store of Heat

New measurements reveal that climate change is heating up even the depths of the oceans.

The Shum Show: 2016 Starts Off With a Splash

The first week of January may not have been a snowy one, but there’s more than enough rain to go around.

Earth is Experiencing a Global Warming Spurt

Earth's surface temperatures are surging, following a 15-year slowdown in global warming rates.

Climate Change Warming World’s Lakes, Says Study

A new study has found that climate change is rapidly warming lakes around the world.

2016: What to Look for in Energy and Climate

New commitments to renewables and the rippling effect of oil prices could dominate energy news in 2016.

Glacial Melt Causing Subtle Slowing of Earth’s Rotation

A new study suggests that sea level rise fueled by rising world temperatures has slowed the Earth's rotation.

Decline of Tropical Animals Could Hasten Climate Change

The disappearance of large animals from tropical forests could hurt forests' ability to store carbon.

Historic Photos Paint Picture of Greenland Ice Loss

A picture is worth a thousand words, or, in Greenland, a thousand scientific measurements.

Study Says ‘Hydricity’ Could Boost the Use of Renewables

A new study shows that hydrogen could be used to help wind and solar provide power around the clock.

The Forgotten U.N. Climate Goal: 1.5°C

Island nations and others are desperate to keep global warming to less than 1.5°C, or 2.7°F.

U.S. Thirst for Oil Straining International Water Supplies

U.S. energy demand strains global water supplies in a warming world.

Mapping Choices: Sea Level Rise Around the Globe

Our analysis details the implications of different warming scenarios for every coastal nation and megacity on the planet.

Images Show Impact of Sea Level Rise on Global Icons

Paired images showing how iconic global locations could fare under scenarios of business as usual vs. sharp clean energy transition.

New York Prepares for Up to 6 Feet of Sea Level Rise

New York State is anticipating up to 6 feet of sea level rise on its coastlines by 2100.

As Sea Levels Rise, the City of Perth Sinks

The city’s growing population means a growing demand for water, and the land is slowly subsiding to the demand.

The Shum Show: Winter Forecast With a Climate Twist

We get a sneak-peek at this winter, but we’ve got record heat in the Southwest and in the oceans.

Ben Strauss Talks ‘Mapping Choices’ on TWC

Our Ben Strauss talks with Sam Champion about our new sea level lock-in tool 'Mapping Choices.'

Study Sees Shortfall in Methane Emissions Estimate

A new study suggests that shale gas development may emit more methane than previously thought.


Can Rain Cause More Fire? This graphic shows how volatile precipitation patterns can lead to more fires in some states. Produced by DuKode Studio.

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