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A Small Step Forward for Geoengineering

A new study offers a way to help pursue geoengineering of the climate system with less damaging side effects.

New (Indirect) Evidence for a Cooling Sun?

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Some physicists suspect the Sun could be starting to cool off — but if so, it would only mask global warming for a while.…

Arctic Sea Ice Looks to be the Third Lowest on Record in 2010

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its minimum extent on Sept. 10, the third lowest on record.

Microscopic Evidence of a Warming World

Tiny shells from the sea floor show unprecedented warming off the coast of Canada, according to a new study.

As the Sea Ice Retreats, Walruses Come Ashore in Alaska

Thousands of walruses have come ashore in northwest Alaska, possibly in response to unusually extensive sea ice loss in the area.

As Arctic Melt Season Nears Finish Line, Researchers Look to Distant Past for Perspective

As the Arctic sea ice melt season ends, scientists say ice cover hasn't been this low for "at least the last few thousand years."

Does More CO2 Mean More Poison Ivy?

Adding carbon dioxide to the air may help poison ivy grow, studies show. But the projections are not quite as itchy as they may first appear.…

Climate in Context: Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season Winding Down; Irrigating the Climate

The 2010 Arctic sea ice melt season has about two weeks to go, with ice extent currently the third lowest since 1979...

Warmest Summer on Record for DC and New York

It's official: Washington, D.C. and New York, N.Y. both sweated through their warmest summers on record this year.

A Tale of Two Coasts

Comparison of early to mid-summer conditions along the eastern seaboard vs. the West Coast.

A Tale of Two Coasts: The East Roasts While the West Shivers

During June and July, record heat gripped the eastern U.S., while cities along the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle shivered.

Climate in Context: August 24, 2010

La Nina to stick around a while; study finds no clear link between climate change and disaster losses; hurricane season heats up.

Climate in Context: August 17, 2010

A coal ash story that is hard not to be affected by; study points to irrigation canals as a weather modification mechanism; and a review of se…

Why Can’t Scientists Say the Recent Extreme Weather Events Are ‘Proof’ of Climate Change?

The extreme weather events we are seeing today, such as flooding in Pakistan and the Russian heat wave, are theoretically possible with or wit…

Scientist Explores Links Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change

In an interview, Dr. Peter Stott of the UK Met Office explains the complicated relationship between climate change and extreme weather events.…

Connecting the Dots Between Russian Heat Wave and Asian Floods

The epic Russian heat wave, deadly flooding in Pakistan, and climate change may be related, but exactly how is unclear.

Greenland Sheds a ‘Mega-Berg’

An iceberg four-times the size of Manhattan broke off a Greenland glacier late last week.

NEEM: Ice Cores Tell of Climate History

Dr. Jørgen Peder Steffensen explained the goals of the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling project and what the ice cores can tell us about o…

Greenland Ice Core Drilling Project Reaches Milestone

The NEEM project aims to reveal Earth’s climate history, in order to improve projections for a warming world.

Podcast: Grappling with America’s Difficult Climate Choices