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Big Waves Bust Up Sea Ice, May Be Playing Role in Melt

Big ocean waves could be playing a bigger role in the break up and melt of sea ice than thought.

Summer Precipitation Trends

When it comes to summertime precip., the wet are getting wetter and the dry are getting drier.

The Navajo Nation’s Shifting Sands of Climate Change

Few other places in the West exemplify the changes brought about by climate change more than the Navajo Nation.

Carbon Dioxide Passes Global 400 ppm Milestone

All carbon dioxide monitoring stations in the northern hemisphere averaged above 400 ppm for April.

Rain! Storm Heads for Southern Plains, Won’t End Drought

Rains are finally heading for drought-stricken parts of the Southern Plains, but they won't bust the drought.

The Climate Context for ‘Unprecedented’ Balkans Flooding

Global warming could bring more extreme rain and flooding events like the one that deluged the Balkans.

NOAA: Last Month Tied for Globe’s Hottest April

Last month tied as the hottest April on record according to new NOAA data released Tuesday.

Here Are 5 National Landmarks Facing Climate Threats

A new report looks at the U.S. cultural heritage sites most threatened by rising seas, wildfires, and storms.

Ocean Winds Put the Heat on Australia

Greenhouse gases are causing changes to wind patterns, keeping Antarctica cold but parching Australia.

Frozen Spring: When Great Lakes’ Ice Doesn’t Melt

Turns out there are a few surprising outcomes of the Great Lakes staying frozen so long.

6 Degrees: Submerged Cities, Melt Ponds, Methane & More

See it all here, from photos of cities under future seas to catastrophic warnings of methane impacts.

‘Catastrophe’ Claim Adds Fuel to Methane Debate

A new Cornell study paints a bleak picture if natural gas methane emissions are not curbed quickly.

A Seasonal & Regional Tornado Breakdown

The probability of a tornado touchdown somewhere in the U.S. jumps to nearly 80 percent in May and nearly 90 percent in June.

Warming Shifting Hurricane Impacts Away from Tropics

Globally, the point where tropical cyclones hit their peak intensity is shifting poleward, a new study finds.

April Was 2nd Warmest Globally; Average for U.S.

April was the 2nd warmest on record globally, the 350th month in a row with above-average temperatures.

How Low Will Summer Sea Ice Go? Ponds May Hold Key

The spring melt of Arctic sea ice is underway, but what summer's minimum will be is hard to predict.

Climate Change Making Food Crops Less Nutritious

High CO2 levels significantly reduce essential nutrients in wheat, rice, maize and soyabeans, Nature paper reveals.

Can We Talk About the New NCA Website?

The message of the latest federal climate assessment is important but so is the presentation.

Extreme Precipitation Events are on the Rise

Heavy downpours have increased in every region of the contiguous states since 1950.

Rising Global Temperatures and CO2

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has a strong correlation with rising temperatures.


Winter Temperature Trends Since 1970, winters in the continental U.S. have warmed by 0.61°F per decade on average.