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Drones Find New Purpose Studying Arctic Ice Melt

Researchers sent unmanned aerial vehicles across Antarctica, Greenland & Norway's Svalbard archipelago.

Newfangled ‘Icepod’ Tracks Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheets

The device helps scientists find out how melting happens and detect early signs of instability in the ice.

Hurricane Season

The peak of hurricane & tropical storm activity doesn’t usually come until Sept. 10. And, on average, there tend to be significantly more st…

Wildfire Videos, Mega Canyons, Energy Plans and More

Stunning wildfire imagery, a look at Greenland's newly found canyon, and details on Obama's energy strategy

Air Conditioning Rise May Raise Temperatures

Increasing temps and affluence could lead to an "unprecedented increase" in the use of air conditioning globally.

Study Ties Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ to Pacific Cooldown

Cooler-than-average sea surface temps in the tropical Pacific help explain the plateau in global warming since 1998.

Nearly Half of All Western Wildfire Costs Go To California

During the past 10 years, $4 billion has been spent fighting wildfires in California, more than in any other state.

Yosemite Fire Example of How Droughts Amplify Wildfires

A massive wildfire, the 14th largest in California history, rages near Yosemite National Park amid drought conditions.

Charring Fires, Silent Hurricanes and a Hot July

Charring western wildfires, a warning about the 2013 hurricane season, and a look at how July temps rank globally.

Drought Comparison: 2012 vs. 2013

Sixty two percent of the country was in some level of drought last August, but that number has been reduced to 45 percent this August.

Decades of Warming

Despite the recent slowdown in warming rate, this past decade was the world's warmest on record.

Sinking Towns, 2 Interactives & the Lowdown on Drought

All sorts of news on drought, two interactives plus a drought map, and a sinking Alaska town.

This Is What Global Warming Looks Like

While the warming rate has slowed, the long-term trend clearly shows that we’re living on a warming planet.

150 Years in 30 Seconds: Sea Level Debt Sinking U.S. Cities

New interactive on sea level rise illustrates when U.S. cities are locking in a future below the tide.

Sea Level Rise to Play Bigger Role in NYC Storms: Study

A new study found that sea level rise will play a larger role for storm surge in New York City.

NOAA: 2012 One of Globe’s 10 Hottest on Record

2012 was one of the hottest years on record with numerous indicators showing signs of a warming planet.

Cities Under Water, War and Heat, and New NOAA Head

The impact of climate extremes on violence, Obama taps new head of NOAA and a look at the U.S. cities under future seas.

Poison Ivy in a Warming World

Scientists say increased CO2 emissions are making poison ivy worse.

Ecosystems Face Unprecedented ‘Climate Change Velocity’

The rate and magnitude of warming over the next century could rival anything seen over the past 65 million years.

Lightning-Caused Wildfires

As the graphic shows, people cause most wildfires. But lightning-ignited fires burn by far the most territory.


Plants and Climate Change A visual look at six plant species that are already being affected by climate change.