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Seventh-Warmest Start to the Year on Record

The January-June span was the seventh warmest on record according to a new analysis by NOAA.

Heidi Cullen’s Senate Testimony on Climate Science

Climate Central's chief climatologist Heidi Cullen testified before the Senate committee on Environment and Public Works on the facts and impa…

Sea Levels Set for Continuing Rise in a Warming World

Each degree of global warming may raise world sea levels by more than 6.5 feet.

Wildfire Trends, Hurricane Projections and Ice Islands

As the world warms, we see more large wildfires, a change in hurricane strength & frequency, and new ice islands.

Rising Temps, Shrinking Snowpack Fuel Western Wildfires

Wildfire trends in the West are clear: there are more large fires burning now than at any time in the past 40 years.

Record Highs vs. Record Lows

Record highs have outpaced record lows by a bigger margin each decade since the 1960s.

China’s Coal Reliance Reduces Life Span by 5.5 Years

Air pollution has caused those in northern China to live an average of 5.5 years shorter than those in the south.

Europe Must Tackle Air Pollution, Warn U.N. Scientists

Health effects of air pollution have been underestimated & Europe must review its laws to tackle the problem: U.N.

Annual Number of Big Wildfires is on the Rise

The number of big fires has shot up since 1970, with the largest number occurring during the years with the highest temperatures.

Changing Rainfall Patterns in the U.S.

Since 1900, the average annual precipitation is up 5 percent for the continental U.S.

Global Warming: It’s Not the Sun

Climate change can be natural, but what’s happening now can’t be explained by natural forces.

Rising Seas

Global sea level rise since 1880.

The Name of the Game: Hot, Dry, and Warming

As these images illustrate, it's a hot, dry tale for our planet these days, with the future not offering much relief.

Coal’s Slipping Grip: New England Leads the Way

New England, in some ways, is ahead of the curve having retired many aging power plants in the past decade.

Emissions Trading Reforms Raise Pollution Permits Price

Policymakers say a higher price is key to encourage more greenhouse gas reductions across Europe's industry.

California’s Snow Loss to Hit Winter Sports, Water Supply

Clear evidence shows winter snows, vital for tourism and agriculture, are in rapid decline in So. California.

U.S. Airports Face Increasing Threat From Rising Seas

As Hurricane Sandy showed, sea level rise is increasing the risk of storm-surge flooding at several U.S. airports.

Rich Chinese Are Exporting Pollution to Poorer Regions

In response to emission limits, China’s richer provinces shift polluting plants to poorer regions.

IEA: World Can’t Afford to Wait for a New Climate Treaty

Waiting for a new global agreement will mean an end to hopes of limiting warming to moderate levels, says the IEA.

Jellyfish Surge in Mediterranean Threatens Environment

A project is tracking the phenomenon as global warming and over fishing boost numbers of the jellyfish.


Geoengineering Methods These are some of the main geoengineering proposals that have been put forward by scientists and other experts.