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IPCC Analysis, Criticism for NOAA, Antarctic Sea Ice

The IPCC, NOAA, and a study on Antarctic sea ice are this week's big climate headlines.

Claudia Tebaldi Discusses the IPCC Process and Findings

Climate Central Senior Scientist and IPCC lead author Claudia Tebaldi discusses findings from the new report.

Longer Frost-Free Seasons

Since 1970, much of the U.S. has seen the frost-free season get longer, on the backdrop of rising temperatures across the country.

Interactive Look at Top 11 Indicators of a Warming World

An interactive look at the top indicators of a warming world, complete with high-resolution graphics.

IPCC Roundup: Early Reports Focus on Warming ‘Hiatus’

Early IPCC coverage is focusing on the global warming "hiatus" and climate sensitivity estimates.

Winds of Change: Why Antarctic Sea Ice Is Growing

Study may solve paradox of ice melting in Arctic while increasing in the Antarctic.

Warm and Wet Are the Buzzwords for the Summer of 2013

Warmth baked the West while rain soaked the Southeast this summer in record-setting fashion.

The Globe’s More Than 28-Year Warm Streak Continues

August 2013 was the fourth warmest such month on record for the globe, with the warmest ocean temperatures.

Human Fingerprints Visible in Atmospheric Changes

Human fingerprints are all over the warming troposphere and cooling stratosphere, says new study.

Climate Change Threatens Southern Africa’s Vital Crops

Climate change could affect millions of farmers in southern Africa where agriculture is a crucial source of income.

Parts of Europe Heating Faster than Global Average

Climate change is causing uneven impacts across Europe, leading different areas to find different ways to adapt.

2013 Arctic Sea Ice Loss

Compared with the median ice cover from 1981-2010, 2013's Arctic sea ice loss comes out to approximately 1.74 times the land area of Texas.…

Microgrids: Sandy Forced Cities to Rethink Power Supply

Hurricane Sandy was a turning point in how cities think about obtaining electricity.

Drones Find New Purpose Studying Arctic Ice Melt

Researchers sent unmanned aerial vehicles across Antarctica, Greenland & Norway's Svalbard archipelago.

Newfangled ‘Icepod’ Tracks Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheets

The device helps scientists find out how melting happens and detect early signs of instability in the ice.

Hurricane Season

The peak of hurricane & tropical storm activity doesn’t usually come until Sept. 10. And, on average, there tend to be significantly more st…

Wildfire Videos, Mega Canyons, Energy Plans and More

Stunning wildfire imagery, a look at Greenland's newly found canyon, and details on Obama's energy strategy

Air Conditioning Rise May Raise Temperatures

Increasing temps and affluence could lead to an "unprecedented increase" in the use of air conditioning globally.

Study Ties Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ to Pacific Cooldown

Cooler-than-average sea surface temps in the tropical Pacific help explain the plateau in global warming since 1998.

Nearly Half of All Western Wildfire Costs Go To California

During the past 10 years, $4 billion has been spent fighting wildfires in California, more than in any other state.


CO2 From Power Plants Visualization of CO2 emissions from U.S. power plants burning fossil fuels.