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Investors: Can Oil Companies Thrive in Warming World?

Investors ask if the world’s 45 largest fossil fuel companies will be able to thrive in a warming world.

Australia’s Bushfires and the Role of Climate Change

Is climate change responsible for Australia's bushfires? The answer is yes and no.

Natural Gas, Efficiency Fuel U.S. Carbon Emissions Decline

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions related to energy consumption in 2012 dropped to their lowest point since 1994.

Fall Foliage, Hurricanes, and Bushfires

Take a visual tour from Antarctica to Australia with the top six climate news stories of the week.

Australia’s Bushfire Season Turns Sydney’s Skies Orange

Wildfires raged across southeastern Australia, turning Sydney's sky orange and destroying hundreds of homes.

Shutdown Could Delay NOAA Satellites, Climate Report

The 16-day government shutdown could cause further delays to NOAA's weather satellite programs.

Post Shutdown, U.S. Tries to Salvage Antarctic Research

The 16-day government shutdown disrupted U.S. Antarctic research, with NSF officials trying to restart projects.

Foliage Season Under Fire from Climate Change

Shifting seasons due to climate change could darken foliage, costing states billions in lost revenue.

Breathtaking Images, New Climates, and Tiny Nukes

New climates by 2050, panoramas that may help save the reefs, and tiny underground nuclear reactors.

Fall Temperature & Rainfall Trends

A look at how both precipitation and temperature have changed this season since 1970.

Autumn is Falling Back

Foliage color and timing has been starting later, on average, in a warming world.

Scientists: U.S. Climate Credibility Getting Fracked

Scientists worry that booming oil and gas production is spreading too quickly with too little concern about its impact.

Experts Debate Moral, Religious Case for Climate Action

A Tennessee philosopher and Christian environmentalist debate the moral imperative for action on climate change.

Ireland, the Emerald Isle, Might be Losing its Green

Ireland is famous for scenery and green fields, but climate change could lead to a different looking country.

IPCC Report Contains ‘Grave’ Carbon Budget Message

The new IPCC report includes a budget for cumulative carbon emissions in order to avert "dangerous" climate change.

History Shows Weather Patterns May Head North

Past shifts in the Earth's rain and desert belts may be a harbinger of things to come.

IPCC Analysis, Criticism for NOAA, Antarctic Sea Ice

The IPCC, NOAA, and a study on Antarctic sea ice are this week's big climate headlines.

Claudia Tebaldi Discusses the IPCC Process and Findings

Climate Central Senior Scientist and IPCC lead author Claudia Tebaldi discusses findings from the new report.

Longer Frost-Free Seasons

Since 1970, much of the U.S. has seen the frost-free season get longer, on the backdrop of rising temperatures across the country.

Interactive Look at Top 11 Indicators of a Warming World

An interactive look at the top indicators of a warming world, complete with high-resolution graphics.


10 Warmest Years on Record Globally The 10 warmest years on record globally have all happened since 1998, with 2010 still on top as the warmest of all.