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Americans Uninformed About Fracking Says New Study

A new study says most Americans know little or nothing about fracking, despite controversy surrounding it.

Globe’s Unbroken Warm Streak Approaches 29 Years

This past October was the seventh warmest on record globally, continuing a streak of 344 months of above average temperatures.

Scientists, U.N. Official Warn of ‘Unabated’ Coal Use

A group of scientists and the top U.N. climate official told the coal industry that fundamental changes are needed to cut emissions.

Six Degrees: Fashion Models, Military Aid & Mirrors

Six stories capture the diverse climate news this week from scientist-turned-models to the military.

Panel Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ Gap in Weather Satellite Data

A review panel urged NOAA to start work on a new weather satellite to fill a likely gap in weather and climate data.

2013 On Track to be Seventh Warmest Year Since 1850

The World Meteorological Organization found that 2013 is likely to be one of the top ten warmest years on record worldwide.

Haiyan Foretells Challenges for Military in Warming World

U.S. military aid for the Philippines after Haiyan foretells a future with more climate-related disasters.

Typhoon Haiyan’s Deadly Surge Noted in Warsaw Talks

Sea level rise exacerbates storm surges from storms like Super Typhoon Haiyan, studies show.

Coal Industry Joins Long Line in Bid to Shape EPA Rules

Coal industry and a host of others try to shape EPA power plant carbon emissions rules before they're written.

Six Degrees: CO2, Earthquakes and a Super Typhoon

We explore record high gas emissions, CO2's connection to earthquakes, and a Super Tyhpoon.

NOAA’s New Cool Tool Puts Climate on View for All

NOAA has created a new tool that let's the public create amazing climate visuals with the click of a button.

Voters in Colorado, Ohio Cities Say No to Fracking

Voters Tuesday in several Colorado cities said no to fracking, while efforts in 2 Ohio cities failed.

Greenhouse Gases Have Soared to Record Levels: WMO

The amount of planet-warming greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a record high in 2012.

What Happens When the World Dries Out

Scientists discovered a change in atmospheric conditions could have dire consequences for soil chemistry.

Fracking Boom Leading to Fracking Bust: Scientists

Scientists studying oil and gas well production data think the shale oil boom could peak by end of the decade.

Alaska Roasts During October, Reigniting Wildfire

Alaska has had an unusually warm and snowless October, thanks to a parked area of blocking high pressure.

Some Voters Taking on Fracking Nov. 5, But Is it a Trend?

Voters in some cities will determine whether they should be able to regulate oil and gas development themselves.

One Year Later: The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

One year later, take an interactive look at Superstorm Sandy's genesis, impacts, and the aftermath.

Wildfires & Pollution, the Ozone Hole, Big Oil and More

This week’s top stories tackle pollution, large oil companies, the ozone hole and so much more.

Ozone Hole Could Be on the Mend

This year's Antarctic ozone hole is smaller than last's. It's still a long road to recovery, though.


Alaska’s Ice Drain 2004-07 Alaska has been shedding large amounts of ice into the sea - on average, enough to fill a daily freight train around the world.