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Cool Roofs: ‘Geoengineering’ I Can Support

How urban-scale modification measures can help save money...and reduce climate change.

Climate Outlook Raises Concerns for Haiti

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Climate outlook raises concerns about heavy rainfall, hurricanes

Climate Change Time Machine

Ben Strauss looks backwards in time to understand future climate change

Chernobyl and Nuclear Energy: No Easy Answers

Eric Larson reflects on pros and cons of nuclear power on this 24th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown.

Earth Day: The Movie

A new film on PBS' "American Experience" shows, through gorgeous footage and in-depth interviews, how the first Earth Day came to be.

A College Powered by Garbage

PARADE - In the search for greener energy, a New Hampshire college finds an alternative at the local landfill.

Why 2 Degrees?

Thanks to a tidy mathematical coincidence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking Fahrenheit or Celsius when you talk about trying to limit…

Greenland: Life on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Accompanied by a production team from StormCenter Communications, Dr. Heidi Cullen spent some time with an international team of scientists th…

Greenland: The Pilots of the 109th Airlift Wing

Dr. Heidi Cullen, with a production team from StormCenter Communications, met with the pilots of the 109th Airlift Wing to talk about what it'…

Carbon Counter Launched

A massive new billboard was installed in midtown Manhattan on June 18. It's a first-ever carbon counter that gives an up-to-the minute reading…

Montana: Trout and Drought

Montana's recreational fishing and agricultural industries depend on cool waters flowing from melting snow high in the mountains throughout th…

Human-caused warming threatens to worsen Western droughts


Western Snowpack Trends Western spring snowpack has been below normal six of the past seven years, meaning less water during dry summer months.

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