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As Arctic Ice Melts, Polar Bears Find a New Menu

As Arctic ice, and access to seals living there, disappears, polar bears adapt to a land-based diet.

Warming Puts Emperor Penguins at Risk of Extinction

Tallest penguins at risk from climate change melting ice, which could wipe out third of the population by 2100.

2014: A Weird Weather Year in Alaska So Far

The first five months of the year in Alaska have been unusually warm, particularly in far northern Barrow.

6 Degrees: Gnarly Maps, Warping Ice and Derelict Wells

From leaking derelict oil wells to intense folds in Greenland's ice, here are 6 stories worth a click.

Refreezing Water Causes Weird Warps in Greenland’s Ice

Scientists discover ice below the surface where meltwater has refrozen, causing layers of ice to build up.

Dust in the Wind Could Speed Greenland’s Ice Melt

Early spring snowmelt in the Northern Hemisphere could speed ice melt in Greenland.

Big Waves Bust Up Sea Ice, May Be Playing Role in Melt

Big ocean waves could be playing a bigger role in the break up and melt of sea ice than thought.

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Could Occur Yearly By 2100

It's rare for Greenland's ice sheet to see any summer melt, but that could change by 2100.

Greenland Glaciers More Susceptible to Melt Than Thought

Greenland's glaciers could melt for longer and contribute more to sea level rise than previously thought.

Ocean Winds Put the Heat on Australia

Greenhouse gases are causing changes to wind patterns, keeping Antarctica cold but parching Australia.

Frozen Spring: When Great Lakes’ Ice Doesn’t Melt

Turns out there are a few surprising outcomes of the Great Lakes staying frozen so long.

6 Degrees: Submerged Cities, Melt Ponds, Methane & More

See it all here, from photos of cities under future seas to catastrophic warnings of methane impacts.

Climate Change Poses Growing Threat of Arctic Conflict

Former military officers says prospect of ice-free Arctic has set off scramble for natural resources.

What Does U.S. Look Like With 10 Feet of Sea Level Rise?

Use our interactive map to examine any coastal city, county and state in the lower 48 states.

How Low Will Summer Sea Ice Go? Ponds May Hold Key

The spring melt of Arctic sea ice is underway, but what summer's minimum will be is hard to predict.

6 Degrees: Icy Lakes, Space Pics, CO2 & Flood Footage

From record ice on the Great Lakes to pictures of the epic floods in the Gulf, our slideshow has it all.

Arctic Methane Emissions ‘Certain to Trigger Warming’

Melting permafrost in the Arctic is creating new wetlands that emit large quantities of methane.

Winter Won’t Let Go: Great Lakes Still on Ice

Nearly a quarter of the Great Lakes are still covered in ice, a record for this time of year.

Astronauts Capture Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season in Progress

A powerful photo captures this season's Arctic sea ice decline from the space station.

Arctic Ice Hits Yearly Max, But Summer’s Melt Uncertain

Arctic sea ice has reached its yearly maximum extent, but what that means for summer melt is unclear.


Cape Verde Hurricanes Hurricanes that form in the Cape Verde region have a long trajectory over warm oceans.