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Study: Downpours Over Land Have Slowed Sea Level Rise

Hydrologists discovered precipitation changes that slowed down sea level rise — but the effect may be temporary.

More Rain, Less Snow for U.S. Winters

The ratio of snow to rain that falls each winter season is changing for many locations across the country.

Weakening Ice Shelves Raise Sea Level Rise Concerns

New research pinpoints which Antarctic ice shelves are the weakest and pose sea level rise risks.

Hot, Dry Weather Could Cut Into California’s Snowpack

An unwelcome dose of heat and dry weather is coming to California, putting snowpack in jeopardy.

These Paintings Turn Climate Data Into Art

Maine-based artist Jill Pelto is turning hard climate data into haunting watercolor paintings.

The Shum Show: Snow Time Like the Present

A blizzard, aptly dubbed #blizzard2016, sure took the East Coast by storm last week.

Climate Matters: The Coldest Days of Winter

Different parts of the U.S. have their coldest days of winter at different times of the season.

Ocean Warming is Making Floods Worse, Study Finds

Rapid rates of warming in the oceans have been causing water to expand, worsening sea level rise.

Weekend Blizzard Was a ‘Multi-Billion-Dollar’ Disaster

Exact numbers are still coming in, but this weekend's storm cost the U.S. billions of dollars in economic losses.

The Future of ‘Epic Blizzards’ in a Warming World

What does global warming mean for extreme snowfalls like those expected from this weekend's blizzard?

Got Winter Storm Questions? We’ll Answer Them Here

Our Megan Martin and Greta Shum will be talking winter storm impacts live on Facebook. Join them!

This Winter Storm Could Set Coastal Flood Records

Sure there's going to be a lot of snow, but coastal flooding is also a major concern with this weekend's storm.

The Shum Show: Ocean Surprises

Hurricane Alex is making waves in meteorology news, and the Southern Ocean’s got its own method for capturing carbon!

Warming Could Mean Major Thaw For Alaska Permafrost

Global warming could cause major thawing of permafrost in the North Slope of Alaska, which could release methane.

Placky Talks Glacial Melt and Climate on GMA

Our chief meteorologist talks glacial melt on Good Morning America.

2016: What to Look for in Energy and Climate

New commitments to renewables and the rippling effect of oil prices could dominate energy news in 2016.

The 7 Most Interesting Climate Findings of the Year

From disappearing ice sheets to rising temperature to megadroughts, these are the top climate science studies.

Glacial Melt Causing Subtle Slowing of Earth’s Rotation

A new study suggests that sea level rise fueled by rising world temperatures has slowed the Earth's rotation.

The Shum Show: Where is the Snow?

Happy Holidays from Greta, Gretel and Climate Central.

The Shum Show: Star Wars and Sea Ice

Greta Shum catches us up on all kinds of wintry news, including... Star Wars?