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Antarctica’s Icy ‘Doorstops’ Thin; Rising Seas At Risk

Antarctica's ice shelves are thinning, and at an increasing rate, which bodes ill for potential sea level rise.

Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low Winter Peak

Arctic sea ice has reached its annual winter peak, which was a record low for the satellite era.

Arctic Sea Ice Dwindling Toward Record Winter Low

Winter is when Arctic sea ice reaches its peak extent, but this year it could set a record seasonal low.

Artificial Glaciers in India Help Drought-Hit Villages

Engineers built artificial glaciers to help Ladakh villagers in the Indian Himalayas adapt to climate change.

How Did Your City Fare This Winter?

The hot West, cold East divide continued for a second winter, but heat was the bigger story this year.

Arctic Sea Ice Is Getting Thinner, Faster

Sea ice is not just shrinking in the Arctic, it's also thinning, and potentially more rapidly than previously thought.

NASA Satellites Show Rain In Detail Like Never Before

NASA released new precipitation data that could revolutionize climate and weather forecasting.

Freeze Frame: Drone Captures Niagara Falls on Ice

Take a tour of a mostly frozen Niagara Falls by drone, all from the comfort of your warm living room.

Dry or Snowy? Winter Weather Splits the U.S.

Dry weather dominated the West while snowy weather has rocked the Northeast. What gives?

Sea Ice Still Declining, Despite Antarctica’s Gains

Globally, sea ice is on a downward slope, as Arctic losses outweigh recent gains in Antarctica.

Winter Storm Intensity

Mid-latitude winter storms have increased in both intensity and frequency nationally since 1950.

Winter Storm Frequency

Mid-latitude winter storms have increased in both intensity and frequency nationally since 1950.

Whiteout? Map Shows Last Time All 50 States Had Snow

It's been five years since all 50 states were united in a common cause: snow cover.

Cold Air Invasion Coming: What’s the Role of Warming?

The polar vortex is sending cold air to the East again. Research continues into role warming might play.

Here’s What the Inside of Greenland Looks Like, in 3D

See what the inside of Greenland's ice sheet looks like with a new map using radar and ice core data.

Accelerated Ice Melt Causing Iceland to Rise

As the melt of Iceland's glaciers speed up, the land beneath them is also rising faster and faster.

Climate Change Will Hit Australia the Hardest, Study Says

Studies predict temperature rises of up to 5.1°c in Australia by 2090 in their most comprehensive forecast yet.

What Can We Learn from the NYC Forecast ‘Bust’?

Why the nor'easter forecast was off for New York and what we can learn from that for the future.

16 Images to Illustrate the Blizzard of 2015

The blizzard of 2015 is burying New England and Long Island in heavy snow and storm surge.

What A Warming World Means for Major Snowstorms

A warming world could mean interesting changes for major snowstorms, like the nor'easter this week.


Fall Precipitation Trends Fall precip has changed since the early 1970s, but unlike fall temperatures, the changes form more of a patchwork story.

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