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What Passing a Key CO2 Mark Means to Climate Scientists

We're likely living in a post-400 ppm world. Here's what it means to scientists that study the climate.

The Forgotten U.N. Climate Goal: 1.5°C

Island nations and others are desperate to keep global warming to less than 1.5°C, or 2.7°F.

Climate Matters: States At Risk

States at Risk: America’s Preparedness Report Card summarizes the changing nature of key threats and corresponding levels of preparedness in…

Once Stable Greenland Glacier Facing Rapid Melt

Glaciers in northeast Greenland that were once stable have undergone rapid melt and retreat in recent years.

Mapping Choices: Sea Level Rise Around the Globe

Our analysis details the implications of different warming scenarios for every coastal nation and megacity on the planet.

Images Show Impact of Sea Level Rise on Global Icons

Paired images showing how iconic global locations could fare under scenarios of business as usual vs. sharp clean energy transition.

50 Years After Warning, No Debate in Paris on the Science

U.N. negotiators will have a lot of disputes to worry about in Paris — climate science is not one of them.

New York Prepares for Up to 6 Feet of Sea Level Rise

New York State is anticipating up to 6 feet of sea level rise on its coastlines by 2100.

Paris Agreement Could Put Leash Around Global Warming

World governments are cooperating as they work to slip a leash around global warming, but more is needed.

Charleston’s Floods Illustrate the World’s Watery Future

Sea level rise is driving Charleston's king tides higher and higher and will make nuisance flooding routine.

Study Finds Power Stations at Risk From Storm Surge

Storm surge-related power outages are likely to become more commonplace along the East Coast.

As Sea Levels Rise, the City of Perth Sinks

The city’s growing population means a growing demand for water, and the land is slowly subsiding to the demand.

Pacific Nations Beg for Help for Islanders Forced to Flee

Coalition asks wealthy nations to help their people migrate if they have to flee because of rising sea levels.

American Icons Threatened by Sea Level Rise: In Pictures

Paired flooding images showing how iconic U.S. locations could fare under business as usual vs. sharp carbon cuts.

Ben Strauss Talks ‘Mapping Choices’ on TWC

Our Ben Strauss talks with Sam Champion about our new sea level lock-in tool 'Mapping Choices.'

U.S. Cities We Could Lose to the Sea

How many cities could be lost to permanent inundation? Which might we spare? Explore the interactive.

Climate Model Shows Limits of Global Emissions Pledges

Global emissions pledges may not be enough to limit warming to the world’s agreed upon goal of 2°C.

Study: New York City at Higher Risk for Coastal Floods

Researchers say New York City is at risk for more and higher floods like those seen during Hurricane Sandy.

More Super El Niños Could Decimate Pacific Corals

More frequent super El Niños could add another layer of stress for coral reefs on top of climate change.

For Migrants, Bangladesh Takes Back Land From the Sea

Bangladesh is going ahead with an ambitious plan to reclaim land from the sea.


A Seasonal & Regional Tornado Breakdown The probability of a tornado touchdown somewhere in the U.S. jumps to nearly 80% in May.

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