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A 25-Year-Old Prediction of Water Scarcity in the Southwest Holds True, Study Finds

Armed with modern data, a team of scientists has revisited the Cadillac Desert and found the Southwest's water woes are as bad as ever.

Clean Air Laws Helped California Reduce Key Player in Global Warming, Study Says

According to a new study, California's clean air laws cut soot concentrations, a key cause of global warming, by about 50 percent.

The Importance of Risk Perception for Effective Climate Change Communication

Risk perception is a major barrier to implementing climate change adaptation measures, according to guest blogger David Ropeik.

Will Clouds Keep a Lid on Climate Change?

A new study suggests that clouds will act to increase global temperatures, rather than offsetting global warming.

Coastal Marshlands Can Adapt to (Some) Sea Level Rise

Most coastal marshes could be underwater by 2100 if sea level rise occurs rapidly, says new research.

Climate Communication Call to Action

A new letter in the journal Science calls for a larger, more sustained effort to support climate change communication efforts.

Feds Understate the Cost of Climate Disruption, Critics Contend

The total cost of climate change seems impossible to pin down, given the uncertainties. But climate researchers and economists are chasing aft…

Geoengineering Methods

From snatching carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air like trees do, to launching giant mirrors into space, scientists are researching a wide var…

Climate Change Literacy Won’t Be Enough

A risk perception expert argues that a closer understanding of the psychological aspects of climate change is as important as a more climate-l…

Drought and Climate in the American West

Lake Mead is at a record low level, a stark symbol of increased water demand and a stubborn drought in the West. Will conditions persist and…

Fish & Wildlife Service Lays Out a New Course for Species Conservation in Climate Change Era

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service released a new strategic plan that identifies climate change as the preeminent species conservation challenge…

A Tale of Two Coasts

Comparison of early to mid-summer conditions along the eastern seaboard vs. the West Coast.

Climate in Context: August 25, 2010

Study shows a major flaw in geoengineering proposals; Climate Central on "Colbert Report" tonight; new take on Russian heat wave and climate c…

Communities and Climate Adaptation in a Post-Katrina World: Are We Prepared?

Of all the lessons and reminders that have followed Hurricane Katrina, the need for better natural disaster preparation is the most obvious.…

Why U.S.-Chinese Cooperation on CO2 Capture and Storage Makes Sense

The United States and China would mutually benefit from a joint program to develop carbon dioxide capture and storage demonstration projects i…

Climate in Context: August 19, 2010

Antarctic sea ice may decline by end of century; floods in Pakistan continue; and a new version of a popular climate model is unveiled.

Climate in Context: August 18, 2010

Arctic sea ice continues anemic rebound from 2007 record low; new heat wave study will leave you sweating; and a Senate candidate says manmade…

Lighten Up: Energy Department Pushes ‘White Roofs’ Campaign

Long before air conditioners had been invented, people in hot climates were painting their entire houses white to keep from roasting.

Gulf Oil Spill Resources

Earth Day: The Movie

A new film on PBS' "American Experience" shows, through gorgeous footage and in-depth interviews, how the first Earth Day came to be.