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Interactive: Small Modular Reactors - Safe and Cheaper?

For decades, some nuclear engineers have been pushing an alternate technology that they claim could address all the concerns of conventional n…

Changes in Public Perception of Climate Change: Q&A with Matthew Nisbet

In a controversial new report, Matthew Nisbet investigates recent changes in the public perception of climate change and effectiveness of advo…

Will a Controversial Study Set Back an Emerging Climate Coalition?

After a new study raised many questions, will greens and climate hawks still rally around natural gas?

Tracking Spring’s Early Onset

Research shows that spring is coming earlier now than in the past, but what that means for individual plants and animals is still uncertain.…

Happy Talk on Cities and Climate Adaptation

A new study offers a mixed report card on how cities are addressing climate change.

Coastal Climate Adaptation: When Life isn’t So Beachy

Some people have more money to hold back the sea.

In Sarasota, Businesses Take Small Steps to Confront Climate Risks

Aware of the risks of hurricanes and sea level rise, study finds business owners in Sarasota, Fla. still aren't taking key steps to plan.…

Climate Change Poses Immense Challenges and Uncertainties for Ecologists

For wildlife, adapting to climate change will be no easy feat.

Fossil Fuel Expansion Continues with New Coal Mining, Offshore Drilling

While pushing for clean energy development, the Obama administration is also presiding over an expansion of domestic fossil fuel production.…

Welcome to Frontier Earth

An introduction to resilience science, and the new blog "Frontier Earth."

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Explained: A Sampler

The ongoing struggle to keep the disaster at Japan's Fukushima nuclear complex from spinning out of control has spawned all sorts of "explaine…

Climate Change Places Unique Demands on US Naval Forces, Report Says

Climate change is a national security concern that needs to be taken into account by U.S. maritime forces, a new report finds.

Study Finds Ice Sheets Becoming Dominant Contributor to Sea Level Rise

A new study finds the rate at which the massive ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting has been accelerating during the past two d…

Weekly Climate Science Roundup: March 1-7

A round up of noteworthy climate science studies published during the first week of March.

What Do We Do With CO2?

So there is an excess of CO2 in the atmosphere. What can we possibly do with it all?

Colleges Turn to Biomass to Cut Emissions

Some colleges are turning to biomass energy to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

NASA Visualizes Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay Area

NASA says two-thirds of its facilities in San Francisco Bay are at risk from sea-level rise, according to new research.

Increasing Energy Efficiency with New Federal Incentives

A new government initiative aims to increase energy efficiency by 20 percent in America's commercial sector by 2020

A Million New Vehicles, but Unknown Emissions Savings

The U.S. aims to be a leader in advanced technology cars, but a new analysis says building them isn't the only hold-up to reducing vehicle emi…

Changing Climate May Favor Smaller Corals

Not all types of coral colonies will feel climate change impacts the same way, new study says.