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IEA Graphic Shows How to Radically Reduce CO2

The IEA's fascinating graphic shows how radically CO2 emissions need to be reduced by 2050.

Climate Change Poses Growing Threat of Arctic Conflict

Former military officers says prospect of ice-free Arctic has set off scramble for natural resources.

‘Catastrophe’ Claim Adds Fuel to Methane Debate

A new Cornell study paints a bleak picture if natural gas methane emissions are not curbed quickly.

Great Barriers: Reefs First Line of Coastal Defense

Coral reefs are an amazingly effective first line of defense for coastal communities.

Can We Talk About the New NCA Website?

The message of the latest federal climate assessment is important but so is the presentation.

Dam It: Feds Say U.S. Can Double Hydropower

Study suggests U.S. rivers are troves of untapped hydropower potential that could combat climate change.

Fracking Company Considers Revealing Secret Chemicals

Oil and gas services company Baker Hughes says it will disclose 100 percent of its fracking fluid chemicals.

Carbon Capture Faces Hurdles of Will, Not Technology

Development of carbon dioxide storage projects faces roadblocks of political will, not technology, scientists say.

Okla. Utilities Hit Homes Using Solar With Extra Fee

A new law in Oklahoma will require utilities to charge a fee to anyone using rooftop solar panels.

‘Oldest Living Things in the World’ Tell a Tale of Climate

A photo project of the world's oldest living things contains a powerful climate message.

U.S. State Department Delays Keystone XL Decision

The U.S. State Department delayed its decision on the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Major Greenhouse Gas Reductions Needed by 2050: IPCC

IPCC report's last installment says major shift to renewable energy needed to limit CO2 emissions.

Can Business Break Impasse on Climate Action?

Government and media may be too distrusted to deliver urgent warnings about climate change, panel says.

Wind, Solar Energy Driving Electricity Storage Technology

Wind, solar and other renewable energy sources are driving the development of electricity storage technology.

Why California’s Drought Isn’t Going Anywhere

California is in the grip of a crushing drought that will last through the dry season, straining water reserves.

Utilities Disagree On How EPA Should Regulate Emissions

Utilities disagree about how EPA should regulate greenhouse gas emissions from electric power plants.

Cheap Solar Power Pushes Renewables Growth Worldwide

A new report from the United Nations and Bloomberg shows renewables are gaining market share globally.

Heidi Cullen Talks IPCC on Face the Nation

Climate Central's Heidi Cullen talked about the latest IPCC report on Face the Nation on Sunday.

Climate Central’s Heidi Cullen on Face the Nation

On Sunday, Heidi Cullen will appear on Face the Nation to discuss the latest IPCC report.

Mind the Fracking Data Gap, Study Says

New study analyzes the gap in the understanding of health and environmental impacts of fracking.


Winter Olympics in a Warming World If global warming continues unabated, only 6 of the 19 previous host cities could host the Winter Games again by the 2080s.