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Strong El Niño Helped Lower U.S. Heating Costs

The strong El Niño in the tropical Pacific contributed to lower energy demand in the U.S. this winter.

2016 Election Critical to Success of Paris Climate Pact

The outcome of the U.S. presidential election will be critical to the success of the Paris climate pact.

Rooftops in Cloudy Places Could Be Solar Gold Mines

Cloudy cities in the northeast could be gold mines for rooftop solar potential, research shows.

Coal Decline Pushes Peabody Energy Into Bankruptcy

Peabody Energy, the world’s largest coal producer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Wednesday.

The Suit Against the Clean Power Plan, Explained

Seven things to know about the Clean Power Plan as it winds its way through the courts.

The Shum Show: Charging Up the Future

While it certainly presents challenges, climate change also opens doors to new opportunities for innovation and development in technology —…

White House: Climate Change Poses Urgent Health Risk

Climate change is a major threat to human health, according to a report released Monday.

Nation’s Next Offshore Wind Farm Eyed For Virginia Coast

America’s next experiment in offshore wind energy has been given the green light in Virginia.

If a Power Plant Is Built in U.S., It’s Likely to be Renewable

If a new electric power plant is built in the U.S. these days, chances are it’s renewable — either wind or solar.

Renewable Energy Investments Set a Record in 2015

Global renewable energy investments are at a record high, but more investment is needed to limit warming.

Natural Gas Poised to Surpass Coal For Electricity in U.S.

Electricity generated from natural gas is expected to surpass coal power for the first time in 2016.

Waters Off New York Opened For Offshore Wind Farm

The Obama administration has designated a site for a new wind farm off the coast of Long Island.

China’s Carbon Emissions May Have Peaked Already

Scientists say China's emissions will peak between now and 2025, if they haven't peaked already.

Utilities Cut Coal Use Amid Clean Power Plan Fight

Whatever the fate of the president's most sweeping climate policy, electric companies are looking beyond coal.

China, U.S. Lead Global Boom in Wind Power

China and the U.S. are leading the globe's wind power boom as countries seek to reduce emissions.

Coal Use Falls Further as China Plans Massive Layoffs

China on Monday reported that its coal consumption dropped 3.7 percent between 2014 and 2015.

Small Island Offers Big Lessons on Clean Power

The Indonesian island Sumba is working to provide 100 percent renewable electricity to all 650,000 residents by 2025.

These 9 EU Countries Are Leading the Renewable Charge

The number of EU countries that have met their 2020 renewables goals early continues to rise.

Low Oil Prices Force Slowdown of U.S. Tar Sands Project

Low oil prices and the loss of a contractor have forced a Utah oil sands project to slow to a near halt.

Obama Confident in Climate Plan Despite Court Setback

The Supreme Court halted the Obama administration's most sweeping climate change policy on Tuesday.


There’s Trouble Brewing For Beer in a Warming World Climate change is affecting the key elements in beer production: hops, barley, and water.

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