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How Do We Know: Groundwater

NASA scientist Michael Watkins explains how satellites are used to monitor our changing global groundwater supplies.

Wildfire Predictions for the Next Century

A new study predicts that warmer global temperatures will lead to more wildfires.

National Parks Wrestle with Warming

Managers of National Parks are studying how climate change may affect some of the nation's most celebrated landscapes.

Southeast Rainfall More Variable as Climate Warms

A new study finds links between global climate change and increased summertime rainfall variability in the Southeast.

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Linked to Severe U.S. Winters

The "2010 Arctic Report Card" details emerging evidence that a rapidly warming Arctic is altering weather patterns throughout the Northern Hem…

La Niña Alert: Weather Extremes Are On the Way

A new report details just how the cooling now underway in the Pacific is going to make for strange weather this winter.

What Do Americans Really Think About Climate Change?

New polling reveals Americans' low climate literacy, meanwhile the U.N. IPCC announces a series of reforms, and tiny Hurricane Paula hits Cuba…

What Role Might Climate Change Have Played in the Recent East Coast Deluge?

Heavy rains shattered records at the end of September, and climate research shows such extreme precipitation events are becoming more common.…

Get Ready for a La Nina Winter

La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean are likely to shape global weather patterns in the coming months. How might your region be affected?…

Fish & Wildlife Service Lays Out a New Course for Species Conservation in Climate Change Era

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service released a new strategic plan that identifies climate change as the preeminent species conservation challenge…

A Small Step Forward for Geoengineering

A new study offers a way to help pursue geoengineering of the climate system with less damaging side effects.

New (Indirect) Evidence for a Cooling Sun?

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Some physicists suspect the Sun could be starting to cool off — but if so, it would only mask global warming for a while.…

New Academy Report Reviews the State of Climate Forecasting

A new report from the National Academies of Science explores seasonal climate forecasting.

Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Poses Greater Climate Threat than Today’s, Study Finds

CLIMATE CENTRAL - What would happen to the climate if we stopped building carbon dioxide-emitting devices, but existing ones lived out their t…

Does More CO2 Mean More Poison Ivy?

Adding carbon dioxide to the air may help poison ivy grow, studies show. But the projections are not quite as itchy as they may first appear.…

Chair of IPCC Review Panel Backs Climate Science Assessment Process, Despite Flaws

In an interview with Climate Central, Harold Shapiro, chair of a group that reviewed the U.N. IPCC, cautioned against overstating the IPCC's f…

Climate in Context: Review Panel Calls for IPCC Fixes; Hurricane Earl Strengthens

Review finds IPCC's climate science reports are sound, but calls for numerous changes to the organization; Hurricane Earl strengthens, is pois…

Adapting Miami to Climate Change

Some in Florida who lived through Katrina now are preparing for climate change-related disasters they fear could be more damaging than a hurri…

Climate in Context: August 24, 2010

La Nina to stick around a while; study finds no clear link between climate change and disaster losses; hurricane season heats up.

Pushing the Envelope of Climate Science ‘Attribution Studies’

In the wake of a wild summer, climate scientists are seeking to improve their understanding of links between climate change and extreme weathe…