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Hopes Pinned on Kemper Power Plant to Make ‘Clean Coal’

New Ozone-Destroying Gases Found in the Atmosphere

India’s Diesel Fumes Impacting Glacier Melt in Himalayas

GAO: Climate Change Threatens Energy Infrastructure

EU Launches Legal Action against UK Over Air Pollution

UK Won’t Meet Renewable Energy Target Beyond 2020

Six Degrees: Emissions, Explosions, Fires & More

Scientists Warn Planet Likely to Warm at Least 4ºC by 2100

Climate Change Imperils Peru’s Drive to End Poverty

Fossil Fuel Investments Face Major Risks Due to Climate

New Climate Records Focus on Earth’s Sensitivity

New Greenhouse Gas Proves More Powerful Than CO2

Six Degrees: Cold is Trending, Xaver & Climate Impacts

Scientists Warn That Warming ‘Will be Hard to Reverse’

Climate Change Will Pose Rising Burden on U.S. Taxpayer

Historic CO2 Emissions Require Immediate Cuts

Six Degrees: Hot Streaks, Survey Results & Sea Level

UK: No New Funding for Coal-Fired Power Stations Abroad

Cosmic Rays Contribute Little to Climate Change

Storm Science, HFCs, a Warming Arctic and Fracking


Carbon Capture and Sequestration off the NJ Coast A demonstration of the process of carbon capture and sequestration for the proposed PurGen plant in Linden, NJ