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The Russian Heat Wave of 2010: Summer Temperatures

The average temperature in Moscow during June, July and August 2010 was significantly hotter than any year since 1950.

The Russian Heat Wave of 2010: July Temperatures

The average temperature in Moscow during July 2010 was significantly hotter than any year since 1950.

How Do We Know: Proof in the Pixels

Dr. Heidi Cullen talks to Dr. John Townshend about his current research which tracks rainforest deforestation.

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Linked to Severe U.S. Winters

The "2010 Arctic Report Card" details emerging evidence that a rapidly warming Arctic is altering weather patterns throughout the Northern Hem…

Climate in Context: Volcanoes and Climate Change; Assessing Arctic Marine Ecosystems

Volcanic eruptions during the summer can affect climate more than wintertime ones; A new review uncovers (a bit) about how Arctic ecosystems a…

Drought and Climate in the American West

Lake Mead is at a record low level, a stark symbol of increased water demand and a stubborn drought in the West. Will conditions persist and…

How Do We Know: Ocean Acidification

The atmosphere isn't the only place carbon dioxide caused by human activity goes.

What Role Might Climate Change Have Played in the Recent East Coast Deluge?

Heavy rains shattered records at the end of September, and climate research shows such extreme precipitation events are becoming more common.…

Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season Ends, with Ice Continuing Its Recent Sharp Downward Trend

Arctic sea ice declined to the third-lowest extent on record this summer, and both the Northwest and Northeast Passages were open for a time.…

Climate Clippings: Storm Barriers, Wind Potential and King Coal’s Stumble

A test of Rotterdam's defenses, a new look at U.S. offshore wind potential, and King Coal takes a tumble.

Arctic Sea Ice Looks to be the Third Lowest on Record in 2010

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its minimum extent on Sept. 10, the third lowest on record.

Hurricane Scorecard

The 2010 hurricane season to date, as compared with an average season to date, and the NOAA outlook for the entire hurricane season.

Group Finds Health Savings in Emissions Cuts

DAILY CLIMATE - Your doctor would approve: €30.5 billion extra in avoided health care costs if Europe shifts emissions reduction target to 3…

As the Sea Ice Retreats, Walruses Come Ashore in Alaska

Thousands of walruses have come ashore in northwest Alaska, possibly in response to unusually extensive sea ice loss in the area.

As Arctic Melt Season Nears Finish Line, Researchers Look to Distant Past for Perspective

As the Arctic sea ice melt season ends, scientists say ice cover hasn't been this low for "at least the last few thousand years."

Does More CO2 Mean More Poison Ivy?

Adding carbon dioxide to the air may help poison ivy grow, studies show. But the projections are not quite as itchy as they may first appear.…

Climate in Context: Can Wildfires Worsen Climate Change? Hermine Soaks Texas, Igor Lurks in Atlantic

A new study says that massive clouds of smoke from forest fires can vault pollutants into the stratosphere; Atlantic hurricane season stays ac…

Climate in Context: Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season Winding Down; Irrigating the Climate

The 2010 Arctic sea ice melt season has about two weeks to go, with ice extent currently the third lowest since 1979...

Record Warm Ocean Waters Aiding Atlantic Hurricanes This Season

Hurricane Earl was the third strongest hurricane ever observed so far north in the Atlantic, a milestone clearly related to unusually warm oce…

A Tale of Two Coasts

Comparison of early to mid-summer conditions along the eastern seaboard vs. the West Coast.