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Warming Temperatures, Slowing Glaciers?

New research in Greenland shows, surprisingly, that some glaciers actually flow slower during warm summers.

Climate Change and Global Food Production: Q&A with David Lobell

Following an error-riddled report last week that climate change may profoundly alter the global food supply in just nine years, an expert weig…

Arctic Ice Melt Adding More Heat to the Atmosphere Than Previously Thought

A new study says that melting snow and ice cover in the Northern Hemisphere is causing more warming than computer models predicted.

Changing Climate May Favor Smaller Corals

Not all types of coral colonies will feel climate change impacts the same way, new study says.

Running Toward Empty?: Part Two

Climate research offers little reason to believe that the snowy start to the year in the Colorado Basin is a harbinger of wetter times to come…

Colorado River Basin Supply vs. Use

With drought, increasing water consumption, and climate change, the Colorado River Basin — lifeblood of the Southwest  

Running Toward Empty?

With drought, increasing water consumption, and climate change, the Colorado River Basin appears headed for a day of reckoning.

Water, Water, Everywhere: 2011’s Floods

Massive floods struck three countries this week: Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka

Ocean Temperatures Show Possible Climate Change Connection to Australian Flooding

La Nina may be in large part responsible for Australia's rain and floods, but there is also a link to long-term climate change.

Around the World, Small Mountain Glaciers Add to Sea Level Rise

A new study confirms that melting mountain glaciers will contribute more than their fair share to global sea level rise by 2100.

Arctic Sea Ice Hits New December Low, Related to “Arctic Paradox” Weather Pattern

Arctic sea ice extent hit a new low for the month of December as the Arctic stayed unusually warm.

Vietnam Diary: A Day of Common Concern at Ho Chi Minh University

Montana students begin their Vietnam journey by learning about the many different consequences climate change can have, depending on location.…

Better Planning for Coping With Heat Waves

A new review suggests that socioeconomic and community factors play an important role in planning for future heat waves.

Montana Meets Vietnam

A group of students from the University of Montana is learning first-hand about how climate change may threaten Southeast Asia.

How Will We Know if 2010 Was the Warmest Year on Record?

Researchers using different techniques have arrived at a similar conclusion: 2010 was a remarkably warm year. But did it set a new record?…

Freak Pattern Brings Europe Record Cold and Snow

An atmospheric "blocking pattern" is keeping Arctic air locked in over Europe and parts of the U.S., while milder than average conditions flow…

A 25-Year-Old Prediction of Water Scarcity in the Southwest Holds True, Study Finds

Armed with modern data, a team of scientists has revisited the Cadillac Desert and found the Southwest's water woes are as bad as ever.

Top Ten Climate Events of 2010

A number of extreme and record breaking climate events took place in 2010. Here's our list reviewing the ten biggest newsmakers.

Southwest Drought Predictions

Glen MacDonald, of UCLA, talks about the threat of drought in the Southwest and what it means for water supply.

Arctic Paradox: Warmer Arctic May Mean Cold Blasts for Some

Arctic warming and loss of sea ice may be helping to drive cold air southward, into the US and Europe, according to recent studies.