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More Evidence Accumulates of Record Greenhouse Gases and Warming Temperatures

Three new studies provide evidence of a warming climate.

How Do We Know: Thinning Sea Ice

NASA scientist Ron Kwok details new technology he is using to monitor how extensively Arctic sea ice is melting from below, a key indicator of…

Climate Communication Call to Action

A new letter in the journal Science calls for a larger, more sustained effort to support climate change communication efforts.

Feds Understate the Cost of Climate Disruption, Critics Contend

The total cost of climate change seems impossible to pin down, given the uncertainties. But climate researchers and economists are chasing aft…

Natural Disasters with Costly Consequences

A new report from the UN and World Bank suggests preparedness could significantly reduce the toll from natural disasters in a warming world.…

A 60-Year Glimpse At Local Climate Change Effects

In an Oregon Mountain region, a change in plant populations marks the warming of local temperatures.

How Do We Know: Groundwater

NASA scientist Michael Watkins explains how satellites are used to monitor our changing global groundwater supplies.

Scientist to Retrieve Detailed Photos of Greenland’s 2010 Record Ice Melt

Arctic researcher Jason Box is going to great lengths to recover on-the-ground images of the extraordinary loss of ice from the Petermann Glac…

Wildfire Predictions for the Next Century

A new study predicts that warmer global temperatures will lead to more wildfires.

How Do We Know: Salty Seas

Ocean salinity can have a big impact when it comes to changing climate. Learn how scientists are monitoring our salty seas.

National Parks Wrestle with Warming

Managers of National Parks are studying how climate change may affect some of the nation's most celebrated landscapes.

Historical Perspective on the Russian Heat Wave of 2010

The Russian heat wave of 2010 contributed to the deaths of as many as 15,000 people. But just how unusual was the heat?

The Russian Heat Wave of 2010: Summer Temperatures

The average temperature in Moscow during June, July and August 2010 was significantly hotter than any year since 1950.

The Russian Heat Wave of 2010: July Temperatures

The average temperature in Moscow during July 2010 was significantly hotter than any year since 1950.

How Do We Know: Proof in the Pixels

Dr. Heidi Cullen talks to Dr. John Townshend about his current research which tracks rainforest deforestation.

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Linked to Severe U.S. Winters

The "2010 Arctic Report Card" details emerging evidence that a rapidly warming Arctic is altering weather patterns throughout the Northern Hem…

Climate in Context: Volcanoes and Climate Change; Assessing Arctic Marine Ecosystems

Volcanic eruptions during the summer can affect climate more than wintertime ones; A new review uncovers (a bit) about how Arctic ecosystems a…

Drought and Climate in the American West

Lake Mead is at a record low level, a stark symbol of increased water demand and a stubborn drought in the West. Will conditions persist and…

How Do We Know: Ocean Acidification

The atmosphere isn't the only place carbon dioxide caused by human activity goes.

What Role Might Climate Change Have Played in the Recent East Coast Deluge?

Heavy rains shattered records at the end of September, and climate research shows such extreme precipitation events are becoming more common.…


A Decade of Coastal Flood Days Sea level rise is causing more coastal flooding in the U.S. See how many floods have a human fingerprint in these cities.

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