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World Bank Ties Ending Poverty with Climate Change

A World Bank report urges action on climate change as it examines the impacts of a 7.2°F rise in global temperature.

Climate Change Leads to Tougher Times on the Ranch

Ranchers & farmers wrestle with impacts from this year's drought and brace for a less predictable future.

32-Foot-Plus Waves From Hurricane Sandy Topple Records

Wave heights during Hurricane Sandy reached record levels near New York Harbor and Sandy Hook, N.J., NOAA said.

Senator Urges NOAA Not To Change Sandy Classification

To protect property owners, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) asked NOAA to maintain its classification of Sandy.

2012 May Rank As 2nd Most Disastrous Year Since 1980

With Hurricane Sandy causing at least $50 billion in damage, 2012 may become the second most disastrous year in the U.S.

Post Sandy, Wetlands Could Help Shore Up NYC’s Defense

New York City's shoreline could help be protected by wetlands, but only if there are enough of them.

Rising Sea Level May Trigger Groundwater Floods

Freshwater bubbling up from underground could more than double the flooding caused by intruding seas alone.

U.S. Military Warned to Prepare for Climate Change

The Pentagon was warned to stand guard against "climate surprises" that could throw off its efforts to secure America's future.

Aerial Pictures Show Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction

Images from the U.S. Geological Survey show how Hurricane Sandy reshaped the coasts of New York and New Jersey.

New Report Says Fewer Clouds and Higher Temps by 2100

A new study says that the amount of global warming likely to occur toward the end of the century will be on the higher end of the spectrum.…

Rare November Snowstorm Strikes In Wake Of Sandy

A major snowstorm struck New Jersey and nearby states just one week after Hurricane Sandy devastated the region.

New Storm Bringing Snow, Flooding to Storm-Weary Coast

A potent nor'easter is spreading rain, snow into areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, and raising new warnings about flooding.

Changes in Sea Saltiness Show We’re Affecting the Climate

According to a new study, the changes seen in the hydrological cycle can't be explained without invoking human activity.

New Storm Threatens Areas Hit Hard By Hurricane Sandy

Just one week after Hurricane Sandy, another coastal storm is forecast to affect the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this week.

Lack of Hurricane Warnings May Help Homeowners

The NWS's decision during Hurricane Sandy not to issue hurricane warnings for many areas could help homeowners.

Sandy Brings Flurry of Attention to Climate Change

Hurricane Sandy and the devastating impacts of the storm have brought a flurry of attention to climate change.

Statistics Show Hurricane Sandy’s Extraordinary Intensity

A rundown of the records Hurricane Sandy set, from the devastating storm surge to the extremely low air pressure readings.

Downpours From Sandy Fail to Ease Drought in U.S.

Despite heavy rains, and in some places snow, from Hurricane Sandy, the drought continues to plague the lower 48 states.

A Sign of the New Times?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks with Climate Central sea level rise expert Dr. Ben Strauss on whether Sandy is a sign of extreme weather events…

The Grid at Risk

Dr. Ben Strauss points out to NBC’s Harry Smith that storms made worse and more frequent by climate change put the energy grid at great risk…


Montana’s Wind Energy Potential Montana's estimated wind power potential is about equal to the electricity consumed by the 19 lighted states.