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November Is Globe’s 333rd Straight Month of Warm Temps

November was the 333rd straight month with average global temperatures above the 20th century average.

Area Burned By U.S. Wildfires Expected to Double by 2050

Climate change will drive a sharp increase in the area burned by wildfires in the U.S., according to a new study.

Climate Science Community Loses Giant in Jerry Mahlman

The climate science community lost a true giant with the recent death of Jerry Mahlman.

IPCC Predictions: Then Versus Now

Eight examples of where the IPCC has missed the mark on its predictions and projections.

Warming May Bring More ‘Black Swan’ Storm Surges

As the world warms and seas rise, "black swan" storm surges associated with hurricanes may become more likely.

Climate Change Will Mean More Malnourished Children

If climate change goes unchecked, food prices will more than double & poor children will pay the price.

Colombia’s Cloud Forests Besieged by Climate Change

In the Andes & open to scientists after years of rebel fighting, Colombia's cloud forests offer a treasure of biodiversity.

Changing Colombian Andes Pose Risk for Millions

Deforestation and climate change high in the Andes is causing natural flood-control systems to fail.

Arctic Wildfires Speed Melting of Greenland Ice: Study

Smoke from Arctic wildfires may be darkening the Greenland ice sheet, speeding up the melting process.

Accelerated Warming Driving Arctic Into New Volatile State

Accelerated global warming is rapidly driving the Arctic into a volatile state according to a new report.

Rogue ‘Ice Islands’ Pose New Threat in the Arctic

"Ice islands" -- enormous slabs of ice -- pose a threat from their potential to wander into shipping lanes.

‘Atmospheric River’ Piles Up Massive Rain, Snow & Winds

Storms dumped 2 feet of rain, 46 inches of snow with 150 mph winds in the West, while the rest of the country warmed.

Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High, Report Finds

Emissions of global warming gases continued to climb in 2011 and will likely reach a record high in 2012 as well.

Tenacious U.S. Drought Worsens, To Last Through Winter

The intense drought that has gripped the U.S. since last year expanded again, encompassing more of the Southeast.

‘Atmospheric River’ Aims At West Coast; Warmup in Plains

An atmospheric faucet will be turned on over the West Coast in early December, as a series of storms come ashore.

Top 5 Weather & Climate Challenges Facing White House

As President Obama nears his second term, the country faces a host of climate and weather-related challenges.

Report Says IPCC Needs to Address Melting Permafrost

UN report argues that the impact of warming permafrost should be considered in any discussion of climate change policy.

The Dangerous Duo: Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge

NBC’s Anne Thompson talks with Dr. Ben Strauss on how the combo of climate-change induced sea level rise and storm surge increase the odds o…

Doha Talks: EU Weakened Over New Emissions Targets

Having already met its emissions targets, the EU enters the Doha climate talks in a weakened bargaining position.

New York Times Op-Ed: Rising Seas, Vanishing Coastlines

In the New York Times, Climate Central's Ben Strauss says we must take two steps to protect ourselves from sea level rise.


Warming Winters in the U.S. The way winters have changed in the United States between 1895 and 2010