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Dust in the Wind Could Speed Greenland’s Ice Melt

Early spring snowmelt in the Northern Hemisphere could speed ice melt in Greenland.

California’s Fog is Fading Away, Crops Could Suffer

A decrease in winter fog has made driving safer, but is hurting California's $15 billion fruit & nut crop.

Global Warming Playing a Role in Australia’s Record Heat

A late fall warm spell in Australia extends a period of record warmth influenced by global warming.

Hurricane Season’s Start Brings New Storm Surge Maps

New storm surge flooding maps will be issued for the first time during the 2014 hurricane season.

Climate Could Spell the End for the Cutthroat Trout

Montana's native westslope cutthroat trout is cross-breeding with invaders as stream temperatures rise.

Drought Prompts Fear of Blackouts at World Cup

Brazil’s worst drought in decades is severely reducing hydropower energy supplies in advance of World Cup.

Here Are 5 Resources to Track Hurricane Season

Atlantic hurricane season starts on Sunday. Here are some resources to keep tabs on it.

Rains Slightly Ease Southern Plains Drought

Much-needed rain fell in the Southern Plains, with some minor improvements in the region's drought.

Big Waves Bust Up Sea Ice, May Be Playing Role in Melt

Big ocean waves could be playing a bigger role in the break up and melt of sea ice than thought.

The Navajo Nation’s Shifting Sands of Climate Change

Few other places in the West exemplify the changes brought about by climate change more than the Navajo Nation.

Satellite Images Reveal Scope of Massive Balkans Flooding

New satellite images show the scale of the massive flooding that hit the Balkans after heavy downpours.

Climate Change Could Warp Rails With ‘Sun Kinks’

Heat waves made worse by climate change could warp railroad tracks with sun kinks, causing derailments.

Antarctic Ice Collapse Could Devastate Global Food Supply

The Corn Belt could face yield declines of more than 25 percent by mid-century as climate change takes hold.

Cold U.S. Winter Caused By Warm Tropical Waters?

The bitter cold winter the U.S. just experienced could be due to warming's influence on tropical waters.

El Nino Expected to Limit 2014 Hurricane Season

An emerging El Niño, along with other factors, is expected to tamp down 2014 hurricane activity.

Rain! Storm Heads for Southern Plains, Won’t End Drought

Rains are finally heading for drought-stricken parts of the Southern Plains, but they won't bust the drought.

The Climate Context for ‘Unprecedented’ Balkans Flooding

Global warming could bring more extreme rain and flooding events like the one that deluged the Balkans.

Here Are 5 National Landmarks Facing Climate Threats

A new report looks at the U.S. cultural heritage sites most threatened by rising seas, wildfires, and storms.

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Could Occur Yearly By 2100

It's rare for Greenland's ice sheet to see any summer melt, but that could change by 2100.

Greenland Glaciers More Susceptible to Melt Than Thought

Greenland's glaciers could melt for longer and contribute more to sea level rise than previously thought.


In Nevada, Fires Follow Rain In a desert state like Nevada, heavy rains promote plant growth but can lead to more wildfires.