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Tree-Hugging, Organic-Buying Spoof Hits Sunny Spot

if you're trying to make a case for people to take advantage of solar power, a little humor might just go a long way.

Rising Coal Exports Prompt Fears from Rail Communities

By Douglas Fischer, The Daily Climate BILLINGS, Mont. – The emissions are unhealthy, the noise insufferable. But it's the wait that can be l…

Image of the Day: Low Water Flow Triggers Avian Cholera

More than 10,000 migrating birds in the U.S. have died from an outbreak of avian cholera caused by reduced water flowing through marshlands.…

Colbert & Tenuous Ties of Climate Change & Immigration

Sometimes, you've just got to watch to believe. Stephen Colbert fills in the tenuous tie of climate change and immigration.

Senate Hearing on Thursday for Sea Level Rise

Climate Central's Ben Strauss is one of four testifying on the impact of sea level rise on U.S. infrastructure.

Warming Climate Reveals Links to Infectious Disease

Brett Israel, The Daily Climate ATHENS, Ga. — Diarrhea, cholera and tick-borne illness: As the climate changes, a host of health threats are…

Image of the Day: Sealed with a Kiss

The windy, wet conditions of Antarctica may spell trouble for the growth and development of young fur seals.

Rowland, Pioneer on Ozone Layer Thinning, Dies at Age 84

F. Sherwood Rowland, a Nobel Prize winner for his work on the thinning ozone layer, died Saturday.

In the Andes, Freak Cold Takes a Brutal Toll

By Emily Kirkland, The Daily Climate {image1} EL HIGUERON, Peru – Carlos Cruz Chanta lives just off a rutted dirt road, almost lost in the…

Image of the Day: Cold Snap Across Europe

A chilling representation of the unusually cold weather in Europe.

No, You Weren’t Hallucinating: January was Really Warm

NOAA is just out with its weather stats for the month just ended, and if the premature spring flowers, lack of snow and balmy days didn't clue…

Did Global Warming Destroy My Hometown?

Last May, a massive tornado leveled Joplin, Missouri. Was it chance, or a warning of things to come?

Did Global Warming Cause Sidney Crosby’s Concussion?

Sidney Crosby's concussion brings into focus the parallels between climate change and the NHL's resistance to science.

Did Global Warming Destroy My Hometown?

Last May, a massive tornado leveled Joplin, Missouri. Was it chance, or a warning of things to come?

Feds Worry U.S. isn’t Ready for Severe Weather

Severe weather took a large toll on life and property in the U.S. last year, partly because people didn't trust or understand weather forecast…

Does La Nina Fuel Flu Pandemics?

La Niña events may make conditions more favorable for pandemic flu outbreaks, according to a new study.

Emphasis on “Voluntary” for Rio+20 as Goals Outlined

By John Vidal, The Guardian Countries will be asked this summer to sign up for 10 new sustainable development goals for the planet and promi…

Mother Nature on Steroids

2011 was no ordinary year as Mother Nature slammed Americans with one deadly weather event after another.

Global Warming and Malaria: It’s Kind of Complicated

As temperatures warm and animals hosting infectious diseases take on a wider range, many factors come into play complicating predictions on wh…

Texas Tops 10 States Ravaged by Extreme Weather in 2011

A look at which states were hit hardest by extreme climate and weather events in 2011.


Early Spring Impacts An early spring can disrupt plant & animal behaviors and make it more difficult on farming.

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