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Rising CO2 Increases the Size of Poison Ivy Plants

Better grab your calamine lotion. More CO2 means bigger poison ivy plants.

Climate Change Making Food Crops Less Nutritious

High CO2 levels significantly reduce essential nutrients in wheat, rice, maize and soyabeans, Nature paper reveals.

Building Bike Commuters, One Bike Lane at a Time

Bicycle commuting can improve health and mitigate climate change, but states are in neutral.

Halving Meat, Dairy Intake Would Slash Farm Emissions

Adopting a 'demitarian' diet would reduce nitrogen emissions from European farms by 25-40 percent.

Cast of Stars Put Face on Climate Change in New Series

Producers hope emotions of celebrities like Harrison Ford will connect with ordinary Americans.

Cities Remain Indecisive on Incinerator Proposals

Despite the appeal of removing trash, leaders are weighing out sparse evidence against public outrage.

More CO2 = More Pollen

Climate change has increased pollen counts and the length of the pollen season, trends that are expected to continue through mid-century.…

Weather-Related Blackouts Doubled Since 2003: Report

Severe weather is the leading cause of power outages is the U.S. and climate change will up that risk.

World Bank: Climate Change Will ‘Lead to Battles for Food’

Jim Yong Kim urges campaigners & scientists to work together to form a plan to fight climate change.

IPCC Says Climate Change is Here, World Needs to Adapt

The latest IPCC report says climate change impacts are already occurring and will worsen without adaptation.

New Ozone-Destroying Gases Found in the Atmosphere

Mysterious compounds undermining recovery of giant ozone hole over Antarctica, scientists warn.

India’s Diesel Fumes Impacting Glacier Melt in Himalayas

India's air pollution also has an impact on the degree of melt taking place in glaciers in the Himalayas.

China’s Toxic Air Pollution Resembles Nuclear Winter

Air pollution is now impeding photosynthesis & may wreak havoc on China's food supply, experts warn.

Austin a ‘Poster Child’ for Urban Wildfire Threat

As the Texas drought wears on, Austin has become a "poster child" for living with a new threat of urban wildfire.

EU Launches Legal Action against UK Over Air Pollution

Britain faces fines for failing to reduce "excessive" levels of nitrogen dioxide fumes from traffic.

Are We on the Path to Peak Water?

A graphical look at whether we can cut back on global water use before reaching the point of no return.

Report Warns of More Frequent Blackouts in the Future

Blackouts will be more severe as demand for electricity for gadgets soars amid inadequate investment.

London Told to Cut Air Pollution by 2020 or Face Fines

European commission tells European cities to dramatically reduce 'invisible killer' vehicle emissions.

European Cities Hesitant to Adapt to Climate Change

European Union attempts to limit global warming, but few European cities are on board.

Green Climate Fund Can Power Poor Countries

Funding idea for developing countries may provide renewable energy output equal to 100 coal plants by 2020.


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