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Montana Workshop Examines Ethics of Solar Radiation Management

Experts met in Montana earlier this month to explore thorny ethical questions surrounding geoengineering, or deliberately cooling the planet t…

Geoengineering Methods

From snatching carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air like trees do, to launching giant mirrors into space, scientists are researching a wide var…

They’ve Banned Geoengineering—But What Exactly Does That Mean?

A ban on the controversial technology by the Biodiversity Convention probably won't change much.

Climate in Context: Volcanoes and Climate Change; Assessing Arctic Marine Ecosystems

Volcanic eruptions during the summer can affect climate more than wintertime ones; A new review uncovers (a bit) about how Arctic ecosystems a…

Scientists Consider Whether to Cause Global Cooling

Researchers are unsure how far they should push "geoengineering" experiments.

Was Mid-Century Cooling Caused By the Oceans? Don’t Ask

A new study suggests the conventional wisdom about mid-century cooling is at least partly wrong. But the study is hardly definitive.

A Small Step Forward for Geoengineering

A new study offers a way to help pursue geoengineering of the climate system with less damaging side effects.

Climate in Context: August 25, 2010

Study shows a major flaw in geoengineering proposals; Climate Central on "Colbert Report" tonight; new take on Russian heat wave and climate c…

How Airplanes Punch Holes in the Sky

A new study finds evidence that airplanes can alter weather on a local scale.

Cool Roofs: ‘Geoengineering’ I Can Support

How urban-scale modification measures can help save money...and reduce climate change.

A (Somewhat) Curmudgeonly Take on Geoengineering

Michael Lemonick's take on the recent buzz about geoengineering.


El Niño’s Winter Impacts A look at how El Niño influences global weather patterns.

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