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Shell Barred From Arctic Drilling Without Overhaul

Review finds Shell failed to plan for short drilling season and its equipment didn't stand up to harsh conditions.

Rules Needed for Geoengineering Research, Experts Say

A lack of rules for geoengineering research is limiting the field's development, experts say.

Ex-IPCC Head: Prepare for 5°C Warmer World

Former chair of the IPCC says global average temperatures could reach 5°C above their pre-industrial level.

Scientists Eat Crow on Geoengineering Test. Me, Too

A rogue individual conducting his or her own geoengineering experiment was thought unlikely. Until it happened recently.

World’s Biggest Geoengineering Test ‘Violates’ UN Rules

Controversial U.S. businessman's iron fertilization off the west coast of Canada contravenes two UN conventions.

Geoengineering Faces Dilemma: Experiment or Not?

With no international agreement on the horizon, geoengineering experts are divided on how to proceed.

Scientists Suggest ‘Cloud Brightening’ To Halt Hurricanes

Scientists suggest brightening clouds above hurricane-forming regions could deprive storms of heat they depend on.

Times Review: ‘Global Weirdness’ is a Winner

The Times Book Review is in and it's singing our tune, saying the book "takes great care to avoid bias and hysteria."

Dumping Iron at Sea Can Bury Carbon for Centuries

Iron fertilization creates algae blooms that later die off and sink, taking the absorbed carbon deep towards the ocean floor.

The Earth-Shaking Consequences of Burying Carbon

Pumping carbon dioxide underground to keep it out of the atmosphere might not work on a large scale, says a new study

Geoengineered Sky: Bye-Bye Blue, Hello White

Blue skies no more? That's one side effect of a new geoengineering study that might turn out to be deeply troubling.

Geoengineering: Risky to Do, Riskier to Ignore

We must proceed with caution, but there are many reasons why the world can’t afford to ignore it.

The Week That Was: Bring on the Madness

Geoengineering gone crazy. Natural gas a false hope. A painful primer at the pump. And Seuss on the loose, too

Geoengineering: You Want Crazy, We’ve Got Crazy!

The list of the Top 5 geoengineering projects you’ve never heard of — and probably never will again.

Bill Gates Backs Scientists Lobbying for Geoengineering

By John Vidal, The Guardian A small group of leading climate scientists, financially supported by billionaires including Bill Gates, are lob…

The Little Ice Age Explained?

A new study argues that a centuries-long cooling, which ended about 200 years ago, was triggered by a series of massive volcanoes

New Breakthrough in Solar? Maybe. Possibly. Or Not.

New study finds a way to double the efficiency of solar cells while cutting the cost. Is this finally the solution we have been looking for?…

The Easy Fix That Isn’t: White Roofs May Increase Global Warming

Once considered a quick and easy global warming solution, white roofs probably hurt more than help, according to new research.

Wedges Reaffirmed

Princeton's Robert Socolow updates his landmark 2004 "wedges" concept to propose a new starting point for taking action on global warming.…

Brighten the Water: Proceed with Caution

Could the geoengineering method of brightening the ocean offer a real solution for cooling the planet?


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