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Study Calls For Leaner ‘Carbon Budget’ to Slow Warming

Humanity must emit less than half the carbon dioxide than previously thought to keep global warming in check.

Scientists Turned Back the Clock on Climate Change

Scientists turned back the clock on ocean acidification to find out how much reefs are already suffering.

Oslo Trash Incinerator Starts Experiment to Slow Warming

Oslo's main waste incinerator began the world's first experiment to capture CO2 from fumes of burning rubbish.

2016: What to Look for in Energy and Climate

New commitments to renewables and the rippling effect of oil prices could dominate energy news in 2016.

World Unites, Delivers Hopeful Climate Deal

After decades of failed talks, a new climate pact from Paris gives the world hope it can limit global warming.

Pollution Could Buy An Extra Decade of Arctic Sea Ice

Rising temperatures are shrinking Arctic sea ice, but in an odd twist, air pollution could slow the decline.

Climate Researchers Plan Glider Mission to Edge of Space

A glider designed to reach the edge of space will study weather and climate at 90,000 feet.

There Is No Carbon Dioxide ‘Technofix,’ Scientists Warn

Researchers warn even if a solution to emissions could be found, it wouldn’t be enough to save the oceans.

Geoengineering Holds Promise; Solutions Not Ready

Geoengineering offers solutions and risks but reducing emissions is still the best way to address climate change.

Major Greenhouse Gas Reductions Needed by 2050: IPCC

IPCC report's last installment says major shift to renewable energy needed to limit CO2 emissions.

Hopes Pinned on Kemper Power Plant to Make ‘Clean Coal’

The $5 billion facility is capable of capturing and storing CO2 emissions, but many remain skeptical.

Six Degrees: Giant Worms, Fjords and Lord of the Rings

The top six climate stories of the week, combined into one fabulous slideshow.

Reducing Sunlight by Geoengineering Will Not Cool Earth

Scientists find that geoengineering to moderate warming could disrupt rainfall patterns.

Six Degrees: CO2, Earthquakes and a Super Typhoon

We explore record high gas emissions, CO2's connection to earthquakes, and a Super Tyhpoon.

Geoengineering Could Reduce Critical Global Rainfall

Geoengineering could cut global precipitation, including altering monsoon rains in Asia and Africa, a study found.

IPCC Analysis, Criticism for NOAA, Antarctic Sea Ice

The IPCC, NOAA, and a study on Antarctic sea ice are this week's big climate headlines.

Russia Urges IPCC Report to Include Geoengineering

Russia is asking for geoengineering to be included in this week's climate science report, leaked documents show.

Scientists Say Nature ‘Is Better at Carbon Farming’

A group of scientists believe that “carbon farming” really might be the answer to climate change.

Geoengineering Could Trigger Disaster in Parts of Africa

Attempts to alter the atmosphere may have unpredictable effects such as triggering disaster in parts of Africa.

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Did Little to Lower CO2

The eruption added iron to the seas, but didn't remove much CO2 from the atmosphere as hoped.