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Where Cows and Coal Rule, So Does CO2

Per capita carbon emissions are falling, but Wyoming's are still seven times the national average.

Unmitigated Climate Change to Shrink Global Economy

New study predicts that rising temperatures due to climate change will wreak havoc on economic output.

U.K. Plans to Shutter All Coal-Fired Power Plants by 2025

The U.K. plans to close all of its coal-fired power plants by 2025 to address climate change.

U.S. Thirst for Oil Straining International Water Supplies

U.S. energy demand strains global water supplies in a warming world.

G20 Spending on Fossil Fuels Dwarfs Renewables

G20 countries spend almost four times as much to prop up fossil fuel production as they do to subsidize renewables.

In Turning Point, Carbon Emissions Fall Among G20

Greenhouse gas emissions per capita are falling in 11 of the Group of 20 major economies.

Shifting Gears to Cycling Would be Big Climate Boost

A shift from driving cars to cycling in big cities would become a major climate benefit.

Energy Transition Underway Ahead of Paris Climate Talks

An International Energy Agency report shows that a global transition to cleaner energy is underway.

Mapping Choices: Sea Level Rise Around the Globe

Our analysis details the implications of different warming scenarios for every coastal nation and megacity on the planet.

China Underreporting Coal Consumption, Data Says

Data suggests China has emitted close to a billion additional tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline

President Obama said Friday that the pipeline would not serve the national interest of the United States.

Obama Likely to Make Keystone Decision By End of Term

The White House says President Obama will decide on the Keystone XL pipeline by the end of his term.

Climate Implications Seen in Call For Keystone XL ‘Pause’

TransCanada's request to 'pause' a Keystone XL permit review may have climate implications.

Texas, California Lead Nation in Carbon Emissions

Overall U.S. carbon emissions were down about 11 percent in 2013 from their 2005 peak.

Market Rules For Clean Power Need to Change, States Say

Regulators from California and New York say public policies should support low-carbon technologies.

Why Today Is a Critical Moment for the Clean Power Plan

The federal government's signature climate policy is now open to legal challenges.

Study Targets Methane Leaks Between Underground Wells

Hydraulic fracturing can form methane leaks between natural gas wells in New York, a new study says.

Energy Industries Invest in Contest to Recycle Emissions

The Carbon XPrize seeks a 'radical' breakthrough in technology to capture carbon emissions.

Study Sees Shortfall in Methane Emissions Estimate

A new study suggests that shale gas development may emit more methane than previously thought.

Tar Sands Mining Makes Leap from Canada to Utah

A Canadian company has opened the first commercial tar sands mining operation in the United States.


Arctic Paradox: Warmer Arctic May Mean Cold Blasts for Some Arctic warming and loss of sea ice may change atmospheric circulation patterns in parts of the northern hemisphere.

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