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With The Paris Agreement Signed, Hard Work Begins

Developing a system under which climate pledges are reviewed and improved is 'essential' for success.

Fate of World’s Coastlines Rests on Melting Antarctic Ice

Scientists don't know how much flooding Antarctic melting will cause — but it may wipe out cities.

Sinking Atlantic Coastline Meets Rapidly Rising Seas

The East Coast is sinking, which is worsening the impacts of sea level rise. These are the hot spots.

Carbon Pollution Seen As Key Driver of Sea Level Rise

During the 20th century, humans took over from nature as the leading cause of sea level rise.

Climate Change is Altering How the Poles Drift

New research sheds light on how ice loss driven by climate change is affecting Earth's spin axis.

White House: Climate Change Poses Urgent Health Risk

Climate change is a major threat to human health, according to a report released Monday.

Sean Sublette on 2°C on The Weather Channel

Sean Sublette discusses the long- and short-term implications of surpassing 2°C of warming.

Antarctica at Risk of Runaway Melting, Scientists Discover

Unless greenhouse gas pollution is dramatically curbed, Antarctica could begin to crumble.

New Hope For U.S. Coastlines Even As Seas Rise

If managed well, most of the Eastern seaboard's shorelines could adapt to rising sea levels.

2015 One for the Climate Record Books

2015 set numerous climate records, from global temperatures to carbon dioxide levels to sea level rise.

The Shum Show: February and March Madness

February had the highest temperature anomalies the Earth has ever seen, which means 2016 is starting off hot.

How a Monster El Niño Transforms the World’s Weather

An exceptionally strong El Niño has tampered with the world’s weather, bringing drought, floods and heat waves.

As U.S. Coastal Cities Swell, Rising Seas Threaten Millions

The combination of coastal population growth and sea level rise could flood millions of homes by 2100.

The Fuel Behind Louisiana’s Torrential Rains, Floods

Record-breaking rains fueled by El Niño have brought historic floods to the South this week.

The Climate and Weather: Heidi Cullen’s NY Times OpEd

Opposing views on the relationship between climate change and extreme weather have led to debate.

Warming Brings Increasing Flood Risk And Heavier Rain

Torrential downpours are becoming more common, and a new analysis warns that trend will continue.

Mud Shortage Eroding California’s Climate Defenses

As California scrambles to restore marshes to protect against floods, it's confronting a mud shortage.

The Shum Show: Storms, Floods, and Oceans

We were hit by a tidal wave of water news this week. Greta Shum has the scoop.

Ben Strauss on Coastal Flooding With PBS NewsHour

Dr. Ben Strauss talks with Hari Sreenivasan about our recent coastal flooding report.

Global Sea Level Rise by Century

A new report constructs a sea level timeline going way back. Hard to miss the human influence in the 20th century.