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Tracking Temperature for a Better Look at Climate Change

A new report discusses the irreversibility of climate change.

Record Global Warm Streak Extended Through June

Data shows that 2010 is on track to be warmest year on record.

Locking In Our Future

DAILY CLIMATE - Today's emissions decisions will drive the planet's weather for generations, panel concludes. The question for policymakers:…

Climate Change Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

DAILY CLIMATE - From heat stress to sewage overflows, climate change promises to bring extreme weather that can throw our nation's ill-prepare…

More Heat to Come — Eventually

While no single extreme event can be cited as proof of climate change, the more you see, the more you have to believe something is going on.…

Northeast: July Days Over 95 Degrees

Present vs. projected July days over 95 degrees Fahrenheit

Record-Breaking Heat

Thinking Cool Thoughts During the Heat Wave

Warm weather records have outpaced cool weather records nationwide by a ratio of about two to one in the past decade.

New England’s Stately Oaks and Hemlocks Give Way as the Region Warms

DAILY CLIMATE - Spring did not come for the oaks of Martha's Vineyard. In the denuded branches, scientists see a fingerprint of climate chang…

Hot Times in Antarctica

The changes going on in the Antarctic may be a preview for the rest of the world's marine ecosystems.

Buckle in for Hurricane Season 2010

TIME - Anniversaries of major natural disasters are usually times to reflect with awe on the forces the planet can unleash.

Hurricane Chimp’s Cheap Shot at Climate Science

Are poor hurricane season forecasts a reason to doubt climate science? A conservative Washington think tank believes the answer is yes, and th…

Climate Outlook Raises Concerns for Haiti

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Climate outlook raises concerns about heavy rainfall, hurricanes

Weather on Steroids

Ben Strauss shares lessons from baseball in a hot opening week.

The Secret of Sea Level Rise: It Will Vary Greatly by Region

YALE E360 - As the world warms, sea levels could easily rise three to six feet this century. But increases will vary widely by region, with pr…

Studies Predict Fewer But Stronger Hurricanes

TIME - The relationship between climate change and hurricanes is anything but settled.

The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Read About Climate Change, or Maybe Anything

Philip Duffy gets fired up about a new paper published in Nature.

Why Temperatures Could Eventually Go Higher Than We Think

Michael Lemonick explains why most climate projections leave out important effects that will kick in after 2100.

Is global warming making hurricanes worse?

Bark beetle outbreaks may influence forest fire risk


Oceans Are Heating Up This is the change in sea surface temperature since 1901.

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