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Shorter Winters Chip Away at a Logging Town’s Future

Almost half on NY’s timber harvest comes in winter, now shorter winters are crippling the industry.

Climate Change: One More Problem for Pakistan

Climate change threatens the vital Indus river waterway and the future of millions in Pakistan.

Six to See: Slideshow on Week’s Top Climate News

Arctic sea ice stats, volcanic eruptions, polar bears, pollen & more in a slideshow of the week's top climate news.

From 2012 to 2013, March Blows Hot, Then Cold

A close look at how stark the contrast is between the cold March of 2013 and the unusually hot March of 2012.

Drought Has Stranglehold on West; Southeast Sees Relief

The West continues to be choked by drought while the Southeast has emerged from its tenacious grip.

Arctic Ice Hits Annual Max and it’s 6th Lowest on Record

Arctic sea ice hit its annual maximum as an unusual March weather pattern continues to affect U.S. & Europe.

It’s ‘Survival of the Fattest’ for Canada’s Polar Bears

Researchers find that shrinking sea ice is affecting polar bears' health and breeding success.

For Engineers, Climate Failure Becomes an Option

Adaptation expert Paul Kirshen proposes a new paradigm for civil engineers: 'safe to fail,' not 'fail safe.'

China Pours Cash into Melting Arctic to Win Influence

China cozies up to Arctic countries to secure "permanent observer" status on the Arctic Council.

Ramifications of Extreme Weather Tops Climate News

Katrina-like storm surges, drought and heavy rains, and what we can learn from the ancient past.

Drought and Floods in NOAA’s ‘Mixed Bag’ Spring Outlook

NOAA's three-month spring outlook forecasts drought in the West, and warns of high-flood risks in the Midwest.

If You Thought 2012 Was Hot, Just Wait a Few Years

Within the coming decades, record-setting years like 2012 may become simply “average” in the U.S.

From Heat Wave to Snowstorms, March Goes to Extremes

A year ago the U.S. was basking in a March heat wave. A year later, winter storms are more the norm.

Warming Has Doubled Risk of Katrina-like Storm Surges

Global warming has already doubled the risk of Hurricane Katrina-magnitude storm surges along the U.S. coast.

What the 2013 Tornado Season Has in Store for the U.S.

Severe weather season is here, raising the question of what 2013's tornado season has in store.

Environmental Threats Could Push Billions into Poverty

UN's report urges action on climate change, deforestation & pollution before it is too late.

The Week’s Top Climate News - In Pictures

A roundup of this week's top climate news in one great slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

Warming ‘May Harm Rainforests Less’ Than First Thought

The world’s rainforests may be able withstand climate change more robustly than scientists had thought.

Recent Storms Highlight Flaws In Top U.S. Weather Model

Recent storms reveal that American computer modeling for weather forecasts lag behind those of other countries.

Drought Eases in Midwest, but Rainfall Deficit Continues

Storms brought relief to drought-stricken areas of the Midwest, but a rainfall deficit continues to plague the West.


Montana Average March Temperature Average March air temperatures in Montana from 1950 to the present.