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Report Underscores Vulnerabilities of U.S. Coastlines

A new report says the nation’s coastlines are likely to bear the brunt of climate change in the decades ahead.

Waste Heat From Cities May Be Altering Weather Patterns

Heat that leaks directly from hot exhaust pipes, boilers and chimneys may be altering weather patterns.

Politicians Urged to Unite on Climate Change Laws

Harvard professor urges leaders to be 'realistic' about politics & organize into a broader coalition.

Thousands of Crocodiles on the Loose After Floods

Public warned to stay indoors following escape of 15,000 crocs from wildlife attraction in South Africa.

CO2 Emissions Expected to Rise Significantly by 2030

Scientists say if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, emissions must peak in the next three years.

Low Snowfall Raises Concerns About Drought Recovery

Thin snow cover is raising concerns that the drought’s impacts will only worsen when temperatures rise in the spring.

Risks of Hurricane Sandy-like Surge Events Rising

A forthcoming study shows that Hurricane Sandy's track was unprecedented in the historical record.

Extreme Weather 101: Tornadoes

We hear from two leading scientists on whether we can see human imprints on the development of tornadoes.

Extreme Weather 101: Rising Temps & Snowstorms

Scientist Jay Lawrimore & meteorologist Dan Satterfield detail how rising temps can affect the formation of snowstorms.

Extreme Weather 101: Heat Spikes On the Rise

In our Extreme Weather 101 video, scientists explain how heat spikes are likely to become more common.

Extreme Weather 101: Drought & Our Changing Climate

Scientist Mike Brewer and meteorologist Dan Satterfield explain the connection between drought and a changing climate.

Extreme Weather 101: Climate Change and Precipitation

When it rains, it pours. That’s how we may want to think about the effects of climate change on precipitation.

Frigid Air Grips Big Part of U.S.; Is There A Tropical Link?

The coldest air of the winter in the U.S. may have been set in motion by events in the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic.

Scientist: East Coast Cities are ‘Sitting Ducks’ for Storms

Marcia McNutt, who resigned as director of U.S.G.S., says Hurricane Sandy left communities exposed.

Rogue Geoengineering Could ‘Hijack’ World’s Climate

Report warns techniques aimed at averting global warming may lead to an unpredictable international crisis.

Climate Change Moves to Forefront in Obama’s Address

Climate change occupied a significant chunk of President Obama's inauguration speech on Monday.

Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S

An unusual event playing out high in the atmosphere is setting the stage for what could be weeks of frigid cold.

NASA Warns of Climate Change’s Impact on the Amazon

NASA warned that the Amazon rainforest may be showing the first signs of large-scale degradation due to climate change.

Global Food Crisis Will Worsen as Heat Waves Increase

Harvests will fall dramatically during heat waves, predicted to become more likely in coming decades.

What’s Causing Australia’s Heat Wave?

Australia has always experienced heat waves, but the current event of 2013 has definitely not been typical.


More CO2 = More Pollen Climate change has increased pollen counts and the length of the pollen season, trends that are expected to continue.