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Blizzard Buries New England, Breaks Snowfall Records

New England is digging out after a historic blizzard knocked out power, and broke snowfall records.

Drought to Last Through April; Southwest May Improve

New seasonal drought outlook calls for drought to persist in areas that have suffered the most over the past year.

Blizzard of 2013 Brings Another Threat: Coastal Flooding

Days after a report warned of rising coastal flood risks, a blizzard threatens major flooding in Massachusetts.

Science Groups Push Obama for Climate Change Summit

Six scientific and environmental societies asked the White House to hold a national summit on climate change.

Threat Of Upcoming Blizzard Seen Through 6 Images

These images show the impacts from an expected major blizzard, from New York to Maine.

Life-Threatening Blizzard Poised to Strike New England

New England is preparing for an historic blizzard as the nor'easter is poised to strike this weekend.

Climate Change Set to Batter U.S. Agriculture, Forests

Climate change is likely to reduce U.S. crop and livestock productivity and harm the nation's forests.

Historic, Crippling Blizzard May Strike New England

A powerful blizzard may take aim at southern New England this weekend, bringing multiple hazards.

Study Downplays Risk of Catastrophic Amazon ‘Dieback’

In a warming world, tropical forests may be hardier than previously thought according to a new study.

Climate Forecast in Europe Proves Unsettling

Temps in Europe are expected to rise as much as 4 degrees C this century, so countries must learn to adapt.

U.S. Drought Hangs Tough Through January

Another week of below-average precipitation brought no reprieve to areas suffering from the historic drought.

Deadly Georgia Tornado First in a Record 220 Days

A killer tornado in Georgia brought an end to the longest streak of days without a tornado-related death in U.S. history.

Research Spawns Stunning Hurricane Sandy Animations

Researchers create ultra-high resolution simulations of Hurricane Sandy that show the storm with stunning clarity.

Report Underscores Vulnerabilities of U.S. Coastlines

A new report says the nation’s coastlines are likely to bear the brunt of climate change in the decades ahead.

Waste Heat From Cities May Be Altering Weather Patterns

Heat that leaks directly from hot exhaust pipes, boilers and chimneys may be altering weather patterns.

Politicians Urged to Unite on Climate Change Laws

Harvard professor urges leaders to be 'realistic' about politics & organize into a broader coalition.

Thousands of Crocodiles on the Loose After Floods

Public warned to stay indoors following escape of 15,000 crocs from wildlife attraction in South Africa.

CO2 Emissions Expected to Rise Significantly by 2030

Scientists say if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, emissions must peak in the next three years.

Low Snowfall Raises Concerns About Drought Recovery

Thin snow cover is raising concerns that the drought’s impacts will only worsen when temperatures rise in the spring.

Risks of Hurricane Sandy-like Surge Events Rising

A forthcoming study shows that Hurricane Sandy's track was unprecedented in the historical record.


January Record Extremes The first month of 2014 has left us a nation divided by hot vs. cold weather.