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West Likely to Be Stormier With Climate Change

Extreme rain and snow will hit the West Coast more often as the climate changes, scientists found.

The Southwest May Have Entered a ‘Drier Climate State’

The weather patterns that normally bring rain to the Southwest have been disappearing.

Warming Ups Odds And Costs of Extreme U.K. Rains

Climate change has increased the odds of extreme rainfall in the U.K., like that of the winter of 2013-2014.

Watch All of 2015’s Weather in Super High-Def

This is what a year of weather looks like from space (hint: it's pretty spectacular).

Wildfires Are Burning Some of the World’s Oldest Trees

Tasmania's rainforest is burning up in the wake of its most severe two-year drought on record.

Ocean Warming is Making Floods Worse, Study Finds

Rapid rates of warming in the oceans have been causing water to expand, worsening sea level rise.

Atlantic, Caribbean Storms Strengthen With Warming

Hurricanes in the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans will grow more powerful as ocean temperatures rise.

The Future of ‘Epic Blizzards’ in a Warming World

What does global warming mean for extreme snowfalls like those expected from this weekend's blizzard?

This Winter Storm Could Set Coastal Flood Records

Sure there's going to be a lot of snow, but coastal flooding is also a major concern with this weekend's storm.

The Shum Show: Ocean Surprises

Hurricane Alex is making waves in meteorology news, and the Southern Ocean’s got its own method for capturing carbon!

Lingering El Niño Could Mean Fewer Tornadoes This Year

Scientists have published their latest tornado season forecast and El Niño could have a big impact.

El Niño Heat Peaks, But Impacts Still to Come

While El Niño's ocean temperatures may have peaked, the biggest impacts for the U.S. are likely still to come.

December Heat Boosts 2015 to 2nd Warmest Year for U.S.

December's incredible warmth boosted the U.S. to its second warmest year on record.

Climate Image of the Year: Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia set records and yielded the year's most amazing satellite image.

Two Charts Show December’s Crazy Warmth

December has been crazy warm across the East, leading to 10,000 daily heat records compared to 500 cold ones.

The 8 Biggest Climate Storylines of the Year

From record heat to the Pope's climate push to Paris, these are the climate stories that shaped 2015.

What Happened to the Polar Vortex?

The infamous polar vortex is actually linked to the unusual warm winter weather in the eastern U.S.

Florida’s Record Warm 2015 an Outlier in U.S. East

Florida is the only state east of the Mississippi that will have a record warm year, thanks to a combination of factors.

El Niño Could Usher in a Decade of Stronger Events

Scientists have a message for everyone bracing for one of the strongest El Niño events on record: get used to it.

Heat, Humidity Combine to Threaten Millions in Future

By later this century, parts of the world with high populations will experience an increase in the worst heat events.


Tropical Trends - Hurricanes and Climate Change The Power Dissipation Index has been on the rise since 1970, along with sea surface temperatures.

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