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Chernobyl and Nuclear Energy: No Easy Answers

Eric Larson reflects on pros and cons of nuclear power on this 24th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown.

Where in the World Is Nuclear Power?

Over 400 nuclear reactors are operating today in the world in 30 different countries.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power emits much lower greenhouse gas emissions than electricity from coal but there is risk of a reactor accident, unresolved issues…

How Do We Get Electricity from Nuclear Energy?

The energy released from the nucleus of an atom – nuclear energy – is harnessed today by heating water to make steam. The steam turns a tu…

A College Powered by Garbage

PARADE - In the search for greener energy, a New Hampshire college finds an alternative at the local landfill.

Fuel from Tobacco?

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Scientists think tobacco may provide a missing link for biofuels.

Ethanol’s Contrasting Carbon Footprints

DAILY CLIMATE - Feds conclude corn-based biofuels help reduce emissions, in contrast to California regulators, who said they don't. Who's righ…

Proposed Carbon Capture and Sequestration in Linden, NJ

The CCS project proposed for Linden, NJ will use a process called gasification to convert coal into hydrogen.

US Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions from fossil fuel have been growing steadily in the US and are projected to continue growing until 2030 and beyond if no legislat…

Taking the Carbon Out of Coal

Carbon capture and sequestration or CCS is a technology that can remove carbon dioxide emitted by a power plant and store it underground. Clim…

A Carbon-Reducing Bicycle Wheel?

The “Copenhagen Wheel” debuts today as a way to encourage bike commuting and thus reduce overall emissions. Whether or…

Climate Central Shoot in Linden, NJ: Part 2 of 2

We met again the next day, and headed back to the field. Unlike Day One, Day Two was beautiful and sunny. Almost too sunny! We had to worry a…

Climate Central Shoot in Linden, NJ: Part 1 of 2

Day One of our Climate Central shoot in Linden, NJ, for our latest segment to air on PBS’s The News Hour with Jim Lehrer in December.…

Where are the nation’s alternative-energy hotspots?

What is the relationship between the energy we use today and climate?

Commercializing New Biomass Energy Technologies

Perspectives on Energy Supply: ‘Green’ Transportation Fuels

Woody plants can be turned into low-carbon fuel

Solar Power from Space: Moving Beyond Science Fiction

YALE E360 - For more than 40 years, scientists have dreamed of collecting the sun’s energy in space and beaming it back to Earth. Now, a host…

What We Know For Sure

No scientist disputes that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and that it is increasing in the atmosphere. And careful detective work shows th…


North American Snow Cover on the Decline As the world warms, snow cover in North America is on the decline.

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