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India Confronts Huge Climate Change Challenge

India is increasing rice production, but the price is huge water consumption & rising greenhouse gas emissions.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Fall to Lowest Levels Since 1994

Energy-saving technologies and a doubling in renewables led to the reduction in climate pollution.

Politicians Urged to Unite on Climate Change Laws

Harvard professor urges leaders to be 'realistic' about politics & organize into a broader coalition.

CO2 Emissions Expected to Rise Significantly by 2030

Scientists say if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, emissions must peak in the next three years.

Nuclear Snow? Power Plant Yields Snow in Pennsylvania

Waste heat from a nuclear power plant in western Pennsylvania helped produce more than an inch of snow downwind.

Rogue Geoengineering Could ‘Hijack’ World’s Climate

Report warns techniques aimed at averting global warming may lead to an unpredictable international crisis.

Salazar Leaves Contested Legacy as Interior Secretary

Obama's top adviser on drilling, energy & conservation of wild spaces will step down in March.

Energy, Water, Land Intertwined & Threatened, Says Report

Climate-related disruptions to energy, water, or land use could lead to economically devastating ripple effects.

Black Carbon Second Only to CO2 in Heating the Planet

According to a new study, the second most important heat-trapping pollutant is plain old soot.

The Global Warming Hot List for 2013

Through the archives, it's possible to spot trends that may influence climate change coverage in the year ahead.

Coal to Challenge Oil’s Dominance by 2017, Says IEA

Agency predicts further rise in coal use due to fall in price and failing EU emissions trading scheme.

Keystone XL Will Not Use Advanced Leak Detection

The Keystone Pipeline will cross an underground reservoir providing about 30 percent of the U.S.’s irrigation water.

2012 Year in Pictures: The Top 10 Most Striking Images

Call it our year in pictures as 2012 may be remembered for some of these top 10 images.

Few A-list Novelists Tackling Climate Change in Their Plots

Few A-list fiction writers tackle climate change. Barbara Kingsolver’s 'Flight Behavior,' is the exception.

Fracking Lobbyists Prep Case Against Matt Damon Movie

'Promise Land' has caused unease in the oil and gas industry, even in the midst of America's energy boom.

Car Emissions Killing Millions in China and India

According to a recent study, a surge in car use in south & east Asia killed 2.1 million people prematurely in 2010.

It’s Not Too Late to Limit Global Temperatures - But Almost

Even if annual emissions nearly double by 2020, it may still be possible to cap the temperature rise at 2°C.

Warmer Winters Threaten Northeast’s Smaller Ski Areas

Smaller ski resorts in the Northeast risk going out of business as New England’s winters grow less reliable.

China & U.S. Hold the Key to New Global Climate Deal

The world's two biggest emitters face political problems that will make the talks for the next few years difficult.

NASA Dazzles With ‘Black Marble’ Image of Earth at Night

On Wednesday, NASA and NOAA researchers a released new "Black Marble" image of Earth at night.


Accelerated Ice Loss from Greenland Greenland lost much more ice in the 2000's than the decade before