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Shell Barred From Arctic Drilling Without Overhaul

Review finds Shell failed to plan for short drilling season and its equipment didn't stand up to harsh conditions.

Forecast Dims for Future Growth in Wind Power

Despite a recent report trumpeting a record year for wind power, the numbers are not as encouraging as they seem.

Fukushima Two Years Later: Decommissioning Begins

Questions remain about the plant's safety, but the estimated $100 billion, 40-year clean-up is now underway.

Study: Wind Power ‘May be Less Than Thought’

Wind power may in some conditions manage to produce less energy than its supporters believe it can.

Concern Over Climate Change Grows, Poll Finds

The percentage of Americans who are "alarmed" about climate change grew between 2010 and 2012.

Offshore Wind Turbines at Risk from Destructive Waves

Offshore wind turbines are vulnerable to sudden and catastrophic destruction in moderately stormy seas.

New Study: ‘World Can End Poverty and Limit Warming’

A U.N. plan intended to give everyone access to clean energy could help to keep temperature rise below 3.6°F.

Shell to Suspend Arctic Offshore Drilling Program

Shell will 'pause' exploration off Alaska's coasts over concerns for equipment and employees.

Dusty Springs in Asia, Africa Can Increase Snow in Calif.

A dusty spring in Asia and Africa can increase snowfall thousands of miles away in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

Solar Forecasts Could Help Electric Utilities and Climate

Solar forecasts could help electric utilities tap into solar power as a non-polluting, climate-friendly alternative.

How Beijing is Shaping the Future of the Amazon

China has become Brazil’s main trading partner, giving it significant influence over the Amazon forest.

EU’s Attempt to Curb Carbon Emissions Limps On

EU’s attempt to give carbon a value to encourage industry to cut greenhouse emissions has been given a reprieve.

With Keystone In Limbo, Alberta Launches Carbon Contest

Best known as the home to Canada's oil sands and Keystone pipeline, Alberta is calling for climate change solutions.

Nuclear Power Cannot Compete with Cheap Shale Gas

Nuclear power stations are closing because they can't compete with cheap power from shale gas.

Image of the Day: China’s Poor Air Quality From Above

This NASA satellite image shows the bad air quality in China occurring from a different perspective.

Community Rallies Against Proposed Trash Incinerator

Proposals are proliferating nationwide to incinerate trash and generate energy, firing up the local opposition.

Two-Thirds of Americans Want Obama to Act on Climate

Two new polls released show a clear majority of Americans support Obama taking action on climate change.

Ex-IPCC Head: Prepare for 5°C Warmer World

Former chair of the IPCC says global average temperatures could reach 5°C above their pre-industrial level.

Obama: Will Act on Climate, With or Without Congress

President Barack Obama said that he will use his executive powers to enact new policies to fight climate change.

UK’s Nuke Plans Lose Traction with Shift to Renewables

British nuclear industry’s plans face problems due to concerns over cost & the legacy of Fukushima.


Colorado River Basin Supply vs. Use With drought, increasing water consumption, and climate change, the Colorado River Basin faces potential water shortages.