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Major Greenhouse Gas Reductions Needed by 2050: IPCC

6 Degrees: IPCC Warning, Blackouts, Ita and Drought

World Bank: Climate Change Will ‘Lead to Battles for Food’

Drilling, Fracking Efficiency Fuels Oil and Gas Boom

Hopes Pinned on Kemper Power Plant to Make ‘Clean Coal’

Switch to Gas From Coal May Threaten Water Supply

Natural Gas May Benefit Climate Despite Methane Leaks

White Roofs May Partially Offset Summer Warming by 2100

UK Won’t Meet Renewable Energy Target Beyond 2020

Wind Power Tops Spain’s Electricity Source in 2013

New Discovery Brings Hydrogen Fuel a Little Closer

Giant ‘Battery’ Can Store Renewable Energy

Fossil Fuel Investments Face Major Risks Due to Climate

Historic CO2 Emissions Require Immediate Cuts

UK: No New Funding for Coal-Fired Power Stations Abroad

Scientists, U.N. Official Warn of ‘Unabated’ Coal Use

Staggered Turbines Harness the Most Wind Power

Greenhouse Gases Have Soared to Record Levels: WMO

Green Climate Fund Can Power Poor Countries

Renewable Energy Needs Huge Mineral Supply


Sea Level Rise and Population Impact Since 1900, sea level has gone up an average of eight inches around the world due to global warming.