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Warmer temperatures are drying western forests

Washington: Warming and Wildfires

Wildfires are on the rise in the State of Washington, as they are in much of the American West and climate change looks at least partly respon…

Mountain Snowmelt and Fire

In recent decades in the American West, wildfires have burned about 17 times more land in years with early snowmelt than with late.

Early vs. Late Snowmelt

Satellite-derived images comparing the first full week of April in years with early (2002) vs. late (2008) snowmelt.

Acres Burned in Washington

Wildfires in Washington State have increased significantly in recent years, a shift that appears linked to climate change.

Tripod Fire Satellite View

The August 2006 Tripod Complex Fire burned some 180,000 acres of beetle-damaged forest in central Washington State.

A Fly Fishing Guide Sees Trouble for Trout

Craig Matthews, long-time fly-fishing guide, gives an eyewitness account of the changes he's seen in over thirty-plus years on the rivers arou…

Nationwide: August Days over 95 Degrees

Present vs. projected August days over 95 degrees Fahrenheit

Nationwide: August Days over 90 Degrees

Present vs. projected August days over 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Carbon Counter Launched

A massive new billboard was installed in midtown Manhattan on June 18. It's a first-ever carbon counter that gives an up-to-the minute reading…

Climbing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are causing global warming

US Temperature Projections

If current trends in burning coal and other fossil fuels continue, average temperatures in the U.S. are projected to increase by roughly 10Ã…

Savannah’s Rising Seas

Sea level rise projected for this century presents significant threats to Savannah.

US Temperature Projections

If current trends in burning coal and other fossil fuels continue, average temperatures in the US are projected to increase by roughly 10Â…

Monster from the Past

What a giant snake from 58 million years B.C. may be telling us about climate change.

Iowa: Corn and Climate

Congress helped bolster the corn ethanol business in Iowa by mandating the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2005. But scientists are concerned about…

Montana: Trout and Drought

Montana's recreational fishing and agricultural industries depend on cool waters flowing from melting snow high in the mountains throughout th…

Human-caused warming threatens to worsen Western droughts

Montana Average March Temperature

Average March air temperatures in Montana from 1950 to the present.

Northern Rockies Forest Wildfires

Number of large wildfires on forested federal lands in the Northern Rockies region, including western Montana.


Here’s How Hot Your Summer Has Been Here's how hot this summer has been compared to the hottest and coolest summers on record in your city.

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