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Humans and Climate, Past and Future

Two new studies by Stanford's Carnegie Institution for Science raise questions about human influence on the past and future of the world's cli…

Would Leaky Underground CO2 Storage Still Help Avoid Global Warming?

New study shows that capturing CO2 and storing it underground may be a viable way to limit climate change, even if some of the CO2 leaks back…

High Above the Earth, Satellites Track Melting Ice

YALE E360 - Scientists are using increasingly sophisticated satellite technology to measure the extent, thickness, and height of ice, assembli…

Positive Feedbacks in a Warming Arctic

The Arctic is warming, almost twice as fast as the global average, according to a recent study.

Climate Change and Space Junk

Earth orbit is littered with junk, including defunct satellites, spent rocket boosters, and other random debris...which may have an impact on…

Study Raises New Questions About Biofuels

Scientists are concerned about the surge in biofuel consumption, this time centering on how each type of biofuel breaks down while burning.…

Cool Roofs: ‘Geoengineering’ I Can Support

How urban-scale modification measures can help save money...and reduce climate change.

National Panel Backs State Climate Efforts

A hefty stack of reports issued by a top national science board appears to affirm California's response to the challenges of climate change.…

Plants and Climate Change: It’s Not That Simple

A new study illustrates subtleties of plant/climate relationships.

What Are the Greenhouse Emissions from Nuclear Power?

Greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power are low by just about any measure.

Greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear electricity: low, but not zero

Green Investments Spur Growth, Emissions Cuts

DAILY CLIMATE - Households surpass industry as nation's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Has Global Warming Stopped?

Global warming has slowed a little over the past decade or so, but nobody with a clue about climate change thinks this means the problem has g…

US Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions from fossil fuel have been growing steadily in the US and are projected to continue growing until 2030 and beyond if no legislat…

Taking the Carbon Out of Coal

Carbon capture and sequestration or CCS is a technology that can remove carbon dioxide emitted by a power plant and store it underground. Clim…

Copenhagen Central

Why 2 Degrees?

Thanks to a tidy mathematical coincidence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking Fahrenheit or Celsius when you talk about trying to limit…

How can we reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that humans emit?

How Do We Know It Is Not a Natural Cycle?

When scientists look at climate variations in the past, they don't see anything like today's warming.

What Is the Greenhouse Effect?

It's why global warming is happening, and why scientists are so worried about rising levels of carbon dioxide and other gases generated by agr…


Water, Water, Everywhere: 2011’s Floods Images from the major floods that struck three countries this week: Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka

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