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Dust in the Wind Never Looked So Stunning

A new video shows how dust, soot, and sea salt are transported around our globe everyday.

‘Catastrophe’ Claim Adds Fuel to Methane Debate

A new Cornell study paints a bleak picture if natural gas methane emissions are not curbed quickly.

Rising Global Temperatures and CO2

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has a strong correlation with rising temperatures.

Climate Change in the U.S. in 8 Compelling Charts

The National Climate Assessment has a wealth of visuals that show how climate change impacts the U.S.

The Meteoric Rise of Carbon Dioxide in 1 Video

A new video shows the rapid increase of CO2 since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Climate Central at White House for NCA Launch

Climate Central will be at the White House for the launch of the latest National Climate Assessment.

New Design Delivers Round-the-Clock Solar Power

With a new design, the power of the Sun can now keep electricity turbines running both night and day.

Building Bike Commuters, One Bike Lane at a Time

Bicycle commuting can improve health and mitigate climate change, but states are in neutral.

Dam It: Feds Say U.S. Can Double Hydropower

Study suggests U.S. rivers are troves of untapped hydropower potential that could combat climate change.

Arctic Methane Emissions ‘Certain to Trigger Warming’

Melting permafrost in the Arctic is creating new wetlands that emit large quantities of methane.

April Becomes 1st Month With CO2 Levels Above 400 PPM

April 2014 is now the first month in human history with an average carbon dioxide level above 400 ppm.

Tech Giant Apple Details Its Progress on Climate Targets

Tech giant Apple claims that 94 percent of its corporate facilities are now powered by renewable energy.

6 Degrees: CO2, Flood Risks, Tornado Trends & More

From climate milestones to the ever exploding drought in California, our weekly round up of news has it all.

Halving Meat, Dairy Intake Would Slash Farm Emissions

Adopting a 'demitarian' diet would reduce nitrogen emissions from European farms by 25-40 percent.

Carbon Capture Faces Hurdles of Will, Not Technology

Development of carbon dioxide storage projects faces roadblocks of political will, not technology, scientists say.

‘Oldest Living Things in the World’ Tell a Tale of Climate

A photo project of the world's oldest living things contains a powerful climate message.

April Will Be First Month With CO2 Levels Above 400 PPM

April will be the first month with a monthly average carbon dioxide concentration above 400 ppm.

Hot West, Cold East May be the Norm as World Warms

A wavy jet stream has been the norm for 4,000 years and it may become more extreme due to climate change.

At-Risk Cities May Help Drive Climate Change Solutions

Smart choices by cities like Miami in planning & investment could hold key to cutting emissions.

Rising CO2 Levels Threaten Entire Marine Food Chain

Fish will make themselves vulnerable by being attracted to predator odor & exhibiting bolder behavior.


Lightning-Caused Wildfires People cause most wildfires. But lightning-ignited fires burn by far the most territory.