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Overseas Demand Breathes New Life into U.S. Coal

U.S. exports of coal are on the rise, in effect exporting pollution which has been avoided at home.

Warming May Mean More Toxic Algae Blooms for Lake Erie

Toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie could come more often and be more intense in coming decades.

Countries in Asia Cutting Carbon Faster than Europe

China is making faster progress than Germany & UK toward being competitive in a low-carbon world.

Six to See: Slideshow on Week’s Top Climate News

Arctic sea ice stats, volcanic eruptions, polar bears, pollen & more in a slideshow of the week's top climate news.

Two Key Climate Change Concepts Are ‘Misunderstood’

Two climate scientists argue earlier findings on reducing global warming have been wrongly used to justify inaction.

Why the Globe Hasn’t Warmed Much for the Past Decade

Scientists believe a lot of the missing heat that has slowed recent warming rates is being stored in the deep ocean.

Climate Change is Increasing Seasonal Allergies

As climate change brings spring earlier and earlier, we can expect the length & extent of allergy season to grow.

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Did Little to Lower CO2

The eruption added iron to the seas, but didn't remove much CO2 from the atmosphere as hoped.

Africa’s Energy ‘Can Drive its Growth,’ Say Researchers

Paying Africa’s people to produce all the renewable energy they can would give them a huge economic boost.

Ramifications of Extreme Weather Tops Climate News

Katrina-like storm surges, drought and heavy rains, and what we can learn from the ancient past.

Ancient Extinction Has Ominous Lessons for Today: Study

Scientists say CO2 from volcanic eruptions wiped out nearly all living species 200 million years ago.

Warming Has Doubled Risk of Katrina-like Storm Surges

Global warming has already doubled the risk of Hurricane Katrina-magnitude storm surges along the U.S. coast.

The Week’s Top Climate News - In Pictures

A roundup of this week's top climate news in one great slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

Rules Needed for Geoengineering Research, Experts Say

A lack of rules for geoengineering research is limiting the field's development, experts say.

Volcanic Eruptions May be Masking ‘Lost’ Warming

Scientists believe that emissions from erupting volcanoes may be masking the effect of greenhouse gases.

Study: Wind Power ‘May be Less Than Thought’

Wind power may in some conditions manage to produce less energy than its supporters believe it can.

U.S. Drought Intensifies in Texas and Florida

The long-running U.S. drought expanded in two key areas of the country last week – Florida and West Texas.

The Latest On The Developing March Snowstorm

A major snowstorm is gathering strength in the Midwest, and projected to wallop the Mid-Atlantic states.

Study Shows A Future In Trans-Arctic Shipping

Declining sea ice is likely to make the Arctic accessible to more ships than ever before, according to a new study.

Remarkable Summer in Australia Is its Hottest On Record

Australia had its hottest summer on record, complete with a heat wave of unparalleled intensity, scope, and duration.


Winter Olympics in a Warming World If global warming continues unabated, only 6 of the 19 previous host cities could host the Winter Games again by the 2080s.