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California’s Snow Loss to Hit Winter Sports, Water Supply

Clear evidence shows winter snows, vital for tourism and agriculture, are in rapid decline in So. California.

As Calgary Floods, Scientists Warn of Rising Risks

As Calgary copes with record flooding, studies point to an escalating risk of floods, due in part to climate change.

Record 2012 Greenland Melt Challenges Climate Models

A "blocking high" helped lead to Greenland's record melt in 2012, raising questions about computer model results.

U.S. Airports Face Increasing Threat From Rising Seas

As Hurricane Sandy showed, sea level rise is increasing the risk of storm-surge flooding at several U.S. airports.

Look Out Below: Antarctic Melting From Underneath

Melting from underneath from warming ocean waters is the biggest factor in Antarctic's ice-shelf shrinkage.

Catastrophic Oil Spill Threat to Canadian River Basin

A vast area of Canada is threatened by warming and a rush to exploit precious minerals.

Rich Chinese Are Exporting Pollution to Poorer Regions

In response to emission limits, China’s richer provinces shift polluting plants to poorer regions.

New York Launches $19.5 Billion Climate Resiliency Plan

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a far-reaching $19.5 billion climate-resiliency plan.

IEA: World Can’t Afford to Wait for a New Climate Treaty

Waiting for a new global agreement will mean an end to hopes of limiting warming to moderate levels, says the IEA.

Study Finds Plant Growth Surges as CO2 Levels Rise

New study predicts a big jump in foliage growth in arid regions as carbon dioxide levels increase.

Squid Threatened by Ocean Acidity Caused by Rise in CO2

Creature at center of ocean ecosystem faces uncertain future as waters continue to warm.

Methane Leaks May Negate Climate Benefits of Natural Gas

Reduction in carbon emissions triggered by U.S.'s shift from coal to gas is offset by a big rise in methane.

Climate Change: Human Disaster Looms, Says Research

Researchers say warming likely to rise about 4C if the past decade's readings were taken into account.

Limiting Methane Leaks Critical to Gas, Climate Benefits

New report, interactive explores how beneficial converting U.S. power from coal to natural gas could be.

Study Projects Steep Increase in NYC Heat-Related Deaths

Temperature-related deaths in New York City could jump by as much as a third by the 2080s, a study found.

Clouds ‘Cool Earth Less Than Once Thought’

The ability of clouds to help cool the Earth appears to have been over-estimated, say researchers.

The U.S.: A Nation Divided By Drought

Drought divides the U.S. into two distinct parts. In the West, a long, hot and dry summer is ahead.

As Oceans Warm, Fish Are Finding New ZIP Codes

Fish species have shifted their ranges as ocean temperatures increase in response to global warming, study finds.

Amid Rapid Arctic Warming, U.S. Releases New Strategy

The U.S. released a new national Arctic strategy, detailing key objectives for how to deal with the rapidly warming region.

Tinderbox-Dry Western U.S. at High Risk of Major Wildfires

Federal agencies are gearing up for what is expected to be a challenging wildfire season in the Western U.S.


Arctic Sea Ice: Heat Shield Arctic sea ice acts like a heat shield, reflecting most of the sun’s energy.