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Himalayan Farmers Coping with an Uncertain Future

Scientists say changes in climate are more evident in the Himalayan region than in most other areas of the planet.

EU’s Attempt to Curb Carbon Emissions Limps On

EU’s attempt to give carbon a value to encourage industry to cut greenhouse emissions has been given a reprieve.

With Keystone In Limbo, Alberta Launches Carbon Contest

Best known as the home to Canada's oil sands and Keystone pipeline, Alberta is calling for climate change solutions.

Warming Climate Yields Another Hot January: NOAA

January was the ninth-warmest such month on record, continuing the string of warm months.

Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends

Winters are warming all across the U.S. A new report and state-by-state interactive illustrate just how much.

Volcanic CO2 Caused Ancient Episodes of Global Warming

In the distant past paleo-climatologists believed volcanic activity was a major cause of global warming.

Image of the Day: China’s Poor Air Quality From Above

This NASA satellite image shows the bad air quality in China occurring from a different perspective.

Community Rallies Against Proposed Trash Incinerator

Proposals are proliferating nationwide to incinerate trash and generate energy, firing up the local opposition.

Ex-IPCC Head: Prepare for 5°C Warmer World

Former chair of the IPCC says global average temperatures could reach 5°C above their pre-industrial level.

NOAA: February 2012 to January 2013 Warmest on Record

January was warmer and wetter than average in the contiguous U.S., despite the persistent drought in the nation's heartland.

Obama: Will Act on Climate, With or Without Congress

President Barack Obama said that he will use his executive powers to enact new policies to fight climate change.

East Coast Faces Rising Seas From Slowing Gulf Stream

New study shows that global warming is slowing the flow of the Gulf Stream, which will trigger sea level rise.

Science Groups Push Obama for Climate Change Summit

Six scientific and environmental societies asked the White House to hold a national summit on climate change.

Study Downplays Risk of Catastrophic Amazon ‘Dieback’

In a warming world, tropical forests may be hardier than previously thought according to a new study.

In Short Run, Obama Can Bypass Congress on Climate

A new report finds that the White House can meet its near-term emissions goals without relying on Congress.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Power Plants Fell in 2011

Greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants fell 4.6 percent in in 2011, according to new government figures.

New Rail Traffic Data Reflects Big Shift Away From Coal

New rail traffic data reflects big shift away from coal, toward oil and natural gas production.

India Confronts Huge Climate Change Challenge

India is increasing rice production, but the price is huge water consumption & rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Earthworms Increase Soils’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Most earthworms may be tiny, but a new study suggests their impact on the climate could be mighty.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Fall to Lowest Levels Since 1994

Energy-saving technologies and a doubling in renewables led to the reduction in climate pollution.


Corn Ethanol Energy Sources 8 gallons’ worth of the energy in 10 gallons of corn ethanol comes from fossil fuels.