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Roadside Land Offers Huge Carbon Storage Potential

Roadside shrubbery & grass soak up a lot of carbon; with better management it could soak up more.

U.S. and China Lead the Way on Carbon Capture & Storage

A new China-U.S. agreement looks like giving much-needed stimulus to development of the technology.

Genes Help Plants Handle Rising CO2 Levels

Discovery can give scientists new tools to engineer crops to deal with droughts and high temps.

Deforestation Rate in Indonesia Surpasses Brazil

Indonesia lost nearly twice as much forest in 2010 as Brazil, despite only being a quarter of the size.

World Bank: Tackling Climate Will Grow the Economy

Findings put to rest claims that the world could not afford to act on climate change.

6 Degrees: Kinky Rails, Rains, CO2 Emissions & More

Sun kinks warp railroads, CO2 emissions enter space age, rains and floods all top climate news this week.

New Design Delivers Round-the-Clock Solar Power

With a new design, the power of the Sun can now keep electricity turbines running both night and day.

Tech Giant Apple Details Its Progress on Climate Targets

Tech giant Apple claims that 94 percent of its corporate facilities are now powered by renewable energy.

Carbon Capture Faces Hurdles of Will, Not Technology

Development of carbon dioxide storage projects faces roadblocks of political will, not technology, scientists say.

Rising CO2 Levels Threaten Entire Marine Food Chain

Fish will make themselves vulnerable by being attracted to predator odor & exhibiting bolder behavior.

Cast of Stars Put Face on Climate Change in New Series

Producers hope emotions of celebrities like Harrison Ford will connect with ordinary Americans.

Major Greenhouse Gas Reductions Needed by 2050: IPCC

IPCC report's last installment says major shift to renewable energy needed to limit CO2 emissions.

Cities Remain Indecisive on Incinerator Proposals

Despite the appeal of removing trash, leaders are weighing out sparse evidence against public outrage.

World Bank: Climate Change Will ‘Lead to Battles for Food’

Jim Yong Kim urges campaigners & scientists to work together to form a plan to fight climate change.

Warming May Increase Freshwater Methane Emissions

Scientists believe the amount of methane emitted from freshwaters will increase as the climate warms.

Hopes Pinned on Kemper Power Plant to Make ‘Clean Coal’

The $5 billion facility is capable of capturing and storing CO2 emissions, but many remain skeptical.

New Ozone-Destroying Gases Found in the Atmosphere

Mysterious compounds undermining recovery of giant ozone hole over Antarctica, scientists warn.

India’s Diesel Fumes Impacting Glacier Melt in Himalayas

India's air pollution also has an impact on the degree of melt taking place in glaciers in the Himalayas.

Great Barrier Reef Faces ‘Irreversible’ Damage

Research says unless temperature rise is kept below 2°C (3.6°F) reef will cease to be coral ecosystem.

EU Launches Legal Action against UK Over Air Pollution

Britain faces fines for failing to reduce "excessive" levels of nitrogen dioxide fumes from traffic.


Can Rain Cause More Fire? This graphic shows how volatile precipitation patterns can lead to more fires in some states. Produced by DuKode Studio.