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Report Maps Out Decarbonization Plan for U.S.

The U.S. is technologically able to kick its fossil fuels addiction by 2050, report says.

Post Climate Pact, IEA Warns Fossil Fuel Trends Dire

Despite gains in renewables, the world is still on dangerous energy-related emissions path, IEA warns.

See Power Plants Most Vulnerable to Flooding

A new mapping tool shows how floods could drown some of the nation’s most critical power plants.

New Report Outlines ‘Pathways’ to Cut CO2 Emissions

There are pathways to reduce CO2 emissions and meet a key climate target but time is running out.

Grass is Greener for the Future of Biofuels

A genetically-engineered bacterium developed by scientists can make biofuel from wild-growing switchgrass.

Map Shows Energy Installations In Extreme Weather’s Path

Energy Information Administration's online energy map shows infrastructure in path of extreme weather.

IEA Graphic Shows How to Radically Reduce CO2

The IEA's fascinating graphic shows how radically CO2 emissions need to be reduced by 2050.

A Renewable Solution to Palm Oil’s Methane Problem

Palm oil plantations' methane emissions contribute to climate change but could be turned into renewable energy.

Wood Burning for Home Heating Trendy in Northeast

Burning wood for home heating is becoming a trend in the Northeast as home heating fuel costs rise.

Three EU Countries Hit 2020 Renewable Benchmarks Early

Sweden, Bulgaria, and Estonia have already hit their 2020 renewable energy benchmarks.

GAO: Climate Change Threatens Energy Infrastructure

New GAO report exposes myriad climate change threats to U.S. energy infrastructure.

China’s Toxic Air Pollution Resembles Nuclear Winter

Air pollution is now impeding photosynthesis & may wreak havoc on China's food supply, experts warn.

Richest Countries Failing to Combat Climate Change

Despite efforts to rein in CO2 emissions, OECD members are not reducing them quickly enough according to a new report.

Coal Places Australia Second in Carbon Emissions

Environmental audit finds Australia has a poor record in achieving environmentally efficient growth.

Fossil Fuel Investments Face Major Risks Due to Climate

Group monitoring how investment funds manage climate risks says many expose investors to huge losses.

Historic CO2 Emissions Require Immediate Cuts

CO2 already in the atmosphere is helping to accelerate the warming of the Earth, two scientists say.

UK: No New Funding for Coal-Fired Power Stations Abroad

Pledge by Energy Secretary Ed Davey comes as United Nations climate talks enter final phase.

IPCC’s ‘Carbon Budget’ Will Not Drive Climate Talks

The UN's climate chief says it would be too 'politically difficult' to negotiate carbon emissions based on the IPCC's findings.

Financial Pressure Grows on Fossil Fuel Industry

Financial pressure and divestment threats could force the fossil fuel industry to address climate change.

Study: Panda Poo May Be Coup for Future of Biofuels

Bacteria found in giant panda feces could more efficiently process plants for biofuel production.


Maps Show Quarter Million New Yorkers Reside Below Potential Storm Surge Level This map shows the land zone within five vertical feet of the average high tide line in the New York City area.

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