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The U.S. is Poised to Set a Record-Setting Record

Record February heat is kickstarting spring from the Southeast to the Midwest.

Senate Mulls ‘Kill Switch’ for Obama Methane Rule

Congress could use a rarely-invoked law to permanently kill an Obama-era methane emissions regulation.

This is What 4 Million Solar Panels Look Like From Space

China is home to the world's largest solar farm. It looks pretty spectacular from space.

100 Days of Climate: Week 5

Over Trump's first 100 days, we're going to show what science tells us about our warming world.

This January Was the Third Warmest on Record Globally

The first month of 2017 was extremely warm for the globe, continuing a trend of planetary heat.

America’s Climate Pollution is Falling, EPA Report Says

Greenhouse gas emissions fell in 2015, reducing America’s overall climate pollution to below 1994 levels.

Congress Protects Coasts From Climate Change With Mud

The federal government will use mud from dredging projects to protect coasts from erosion and rising seas.

Dakota Pipeline Greenlighted As Fossil Fuels Move to Fore

The Army Corps of Engineers has approved an easement that allows the final link in the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Food Security, Forests At Risk Under Trump’s USDA

U.S. forest health and the ability of farmers to respond to climate change are at risk under Trump's USDA.

The March for Science is Set to Happen on Earth Day

Scientists and science lovers will descend on Washington, D.C. on Saturday, April 22.

Scientists Just Sharply Denounced Trump’s Travel Ban

More than 150 scientific institutions have signed a letter calling out the Trump administration's immigration ban.

Women Scientists Advocating for Equality Surge to 14,000

500 Women Scientists is a group bringing together female researchers to advocate for equality in the Trump era..

The Doomsday Clock Just Moved Closer to Midnight

Scientists have changed the doomsday clock time due to climate change and leaders' disregard for facts.

Scientists Are Planning the Next Big Washington March

Researchers are organizing a March for Science in Washington, D.C. to protest the Trump administration.

The Problems With Winter Warming

Warming winters may sound great at first, but they bring new problems.

Cold Getting Less Extreme

Extreme cold is decreasing, as the lowest temperature observed each year is trending upward.

How Close Is 1.5°C? Depends When You Measure From

A new study calculates that temperatures have warmed at least 1°C since the early 1880s.

Silenced Federal Agencies Violating Their Own Policies

The Trump administration has silenced federal scientists, a move that violated scientific integrity policies.

Trump Revives Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines

President Trump has signed executive orders advancing two controversial oil pipelines.

NOAA’s New Satellite Sent Back Its First Amazing Images

The GOES-16 satellite is about to revolutionize weather forecasting. These are the first images.