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How do we know global warming is not a natural cycle?

Is there disagreement among scientists about climate change? Is it caused by humans?

We have had a cold winter. Does that mean the overall trend for global warming is over?

Plants need CO2 to live. So is more of it a good thing?

Is global warming making hurricanes worse?

What could the effects of climate change be?

How big of a difference could a few degrees make?

How much will sea level rise?

How do we predict the consequences of climate change?

What is the best way to provide people with information about climate change?

What is clean coal?

How can we reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that humans emit?

What is your carbon footprint?

Where are the nation’s alternative-energy hotspots?

What is the relationship between the energy we use today and climate?

How do we do something about the trends in global warming?

How Do We Know It Is Not a Natural Cycle?

When scientists look at climate variations in the past, they don't see anything like today's warming.

What Is the Greenhouse Effect?

It's why global warming is happening, and why scientists are so worried about rising levels of carbon dioxide and other gases generated by agr…

Climbing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are causing global warming

CO2 levels in the atmosphere help set the planet’s temperature