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How Was Nuclear Energy Discovered?

Nuclear power results from radiation, which was discovered around 1900. It took several decades after that for scientists to understand how t…

Where in the World Is Nuclear Power?

Over 400 nuclear reactors are operating today in the world in 30 different countries.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power emits much lower greenhouse gas emissions than electricity from coal but there is risk of a reactor accident, unresolved issues…

How Do We Get Electricity from Nuclear Energy?

The energy released from the nucleus of an atom – nuclear energy – is harnessed today by heating water to make steam. The steam turns a tu…

Arctic Whiplash

Ben Strauss explains why a late freeze at the North Pole doesn't mean much at all.

Has Global Warming Stopped?

Global warming has slowed a little over the past decade or so, but nobody with a clue about climate change thinks this means the problem has g…

Proposed Carbon Capture and Sequestration in Linden, NJ

The CCS project proposed for Linden, NJ will use a process called gasification to convert coal into hydrogen.

Here’s Why I Like Scientists

Michael Lemonick finds that, contrary to what we're sometimes led to believe, good scientists are inherently cautious about making definitive…

Climate Central’s New Book: What You Need to Know

What Is The Difference Between Global Warming and Climate Change?

The phrases "global warming" and "climate change" are technically different, but the way most people use them - including lots of climate scie…

Why 2 Degrees?

Thanks to a tidy mathematical coincidence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking Fahrenheit or Celsius when you talk about trying to limit…

What are the advantages of observations of Earth from space?

If we can’t predict weather two weeks ahead, how can we predict climate fifty years from now?

What is the greenhouse effect?

What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

How do we know global warming is not a natural cycle?

Is there disagreement among scientists about climate change? Is it caused by humans?

We have had a cold winter. Does that mean the overall trend for global warming is over?

Plants need CO2 to live. So is more of it a good thing?

Is global warming making hurricanes worse?