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GOOD Charts American Thoughts on Climate Change

A new infographic puts American climate change opinion into full technicolor.

Could a Brightening Sun Cool the Earth?

A new study suggests the sun-climate connection is more complex than we thought — but it's too early to tell if the results will hold up.…

How Do We Know: Sea Level Rise

A warming planet could mean that sea levels rise three or more feet by the end of this century.

Climate Clippings: Lawsuits, the ‘Climate Gap,’ and a Better Drive

Courts could break stalemate on climate talks, California climate bill veto, and LED lamps make for easier driving in a Dutch tunnel.

A Quick Guide to the Science of Climate Change? Check!

The Royal Society's new report describes what is and isn't known about climate change.

How Do We Know: Drought

How do we know when a region may be experiencing an early drought? Dr. Heidi Cullen talks to NASA scientist Molly Brown, who relies on sophist…

Was Mid-Century Cooling Caused By the Oceans? Don’t Ask

A new study suggests the conventional wisdom about mid-century cooling is at least partly wrong. But the study is hardly definitive.

A Tale of Two Coasts

Comparison of early to mid-summer conditions along the eastern seaboard vs. the West Coast.

Clouds & Climate: A Key Mystery for Researchers

YALE E360 - As climate scientists wrestle with the complexities of how the planet will react to rising greenhouse-gas levels, no variable is m…

Climate in Context: August 27, 2010

New Study Detects Familiar Behavior in Distant Star; Scenes from an Antarctic Ice Core Drilling Project.

Podcast: Grappling with America’s Difficult Climate Choices

Tracking Temperature for a Better Look at Climate Change

A new report discusses the irreversibility of climate change.

Record-Breaking Heat

Who’s the Climate Expert Here?

When it comes to climate science, why don't the experts' opinions matter?

Honesty Is Always the Best Policy

ON EARTH - The author of Time's first cover story on global warming looks at climate coverage now.

Questioning Mainstream Climate Science from Within

Criticism of climate science is now coming from within, as well as outside, the mainstream climate community.

Falling Off the Climate Reporting ‘Balance’ Beam

Wall Street Journal article shows flaws in point/counterpoint approach.

Wind Energy

Why do we get less than 2 percent of our energy from wind?

What Are the Greenhouse Emissions from Nuclear Power?

Greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power are low by just about any measure.

What is Nuclear Waste and What Do We Do With It?

Radioactive waste is an unavoidable by-product of nuclear power that requires safe storage.