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The Ocean is Heating Up for Hurricane Season

One map shows Atlantic waters are warming in time for hurricane season but they're not quite there yet.

How Will We Know When El Niño Finally Arrives?

El Nino has been the climate phenomena on everyone's lips, but how will we know when it's arrived?

Here’s How Much U.S. Summers Have Warmed Since 1970

With few exceptions, summer temperatures across the U.S. have risen since 1970.

EPA Aims To Slash Power Plant CO2 by 30 Percent

Obama aims to slash CO2 pollution from the electric power sector by 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Here Are 5 Resources to Track Hurricane Season

Atlantic hurricane season starts on Sunday. Here are some resources to keep tabs on it.

Tropical Trends - Hurricane’s and Climate Change

The Power Dissipation Index for hurricanes has been on the rise since 1970, along with sea surface temperatures.

CO2 Monitoring Could Be ‘Space-Based’ in Future

Measuring CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants and other sources could be entering the space age.

Summer Temperature Trends

For most of the nation, summer weather has been changing in ways climate scientists say are consistent with what they’d expect in a warming…

Summer Precipitation Trends

When it comes to summertime precip., the wet are getting wetter and the dry are getting drier.

Carbon Dioxide Passes Global 400 ppm Milestone

All carbon dioxide monitoring stations in the northern hemisphere averaged above 400 ppm for April.

Summer Reading for the Climate Crowd

Need to keep your edge in this summer of sweat and torpor? This summer reading list can help.

NOAA: Last Month Tied for Globe’s Hottest April

Last month tied as the hottest April on record according to new NOAA data released Tuesday.

Here Are 5 National Landmarks Facing Climate Threats

A new report looks at the U.S. cultural heritage sites most threatened by rising seas, wildfires, and storms.

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Could Occur Yearly By 2100

It's rare for Greenland's ice sheet to see any summer melt, but that could change by 2100.

IEA Graphic Shows How to Radically Reduce CO2

The IEA's fascinating graphic shows how radically CO2 emissions need to be reduced by 2050.

Dust in the Wind Never Looked So Stunning

A new video shows how dust, soot, and sea salt are transported around our globe everyday.

‘Catastrophe’ Claim Adds Fuel to Methane Debate

A new Cornell study paints a bleak picture if natural gas methane emissions are not curbed quickly.

The Rise of El Niño in 1 Swell Image

A new satellite view shows ocean heights rising in the Pacific, another telltale sign of El Niño.

A Seasonal & Regional Tornado Breakdown

The probability of a tornado touchdown somewhere in the U.S. jumps to nearly 80 percent in May and nearly 90 percent in June.

Great Barriers: Reefs First Line of Coastal Defense

Coral reefs are an amazingly effective first line of defense for coastal communities.