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Methane Complicates U.S. Greenhouse Emissions Outlook

Overall U.S. greenhouse gas emission dropped by 4.5 percent, but methane emissions are more complicated.

Natural Gas, Efficiency Fuel U.S. Carbon Emissions Decline

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions related to energy consumption in 2012 dropped to their lowest point since 1994.

Fall Foliage, Hurricanes, and Bushfires

Take a visual tour from Antarctica to Australia with the top six climate news stories of the week.

Fall Temperature & Rainfall Trends

A look at how both precipitation and temperature have changed this season since 1970.

Autumn is Falling Back

Foliage color and timing has been starting later, on average, in a warming world.

IPCC Report Contains ‘Grave’ Carbon Budget Message

The new IPCC report includes a budget for cumulative carbon emissions in order to avert "dangerous" climate change.

New EPA Emissions’ Regs Pack Little Punch on Climate

New greenhouse gas emissions standards for new power plants are unlikely to affect overall U.S. emissions.

Claudia Tebaldi Discusses the IPCC Process and Findings

Climate Central Senior Scientist and IPCC lead author Claudia Tebaldi discusses findings from the new report.

The 5 Most Sobering Charts from the IPCC Climate Report

The IPCC's new climate science report contains vital charts about the future of our climate, and they're not pretty.

Climate Projections More Confident, Dire From IPCC

Without drastic and rapid cuts in CO2 emissions, the IPCC's climate report projects a bleak future.

Longer Frost-Free Seasons

Since 1970, much of the U.S. has seen the frost-free season get longer, on the backdrop of rising temperatures across the country.

5 Things to Watch for in Friday’s IPCC Climate Report

Top 5 things to look for in Friday's IPCC report updating the science on global climate change.

Interactive Look at Top 11 Indicators of a Warming World

An interactive look at the top indicators of a warming world, complete with high-resolution graphics.

Experts Eye IPCC Reform as Report Nears Release

The soon-to-be released IPCC climate report comes at time when experts question the usefulness of the panel.

IPCC Roundup: Early Reports Focus on Warming ‘Hiatus’

Early IPCC coverage is focusing on the global warming "hiatus" and climate sensitivity estimates.

Warm and Wet Are the Buzzwords for the Summer of 2013

Warmth baked the West while rain soaked the Southeast this summer in record-setting fashion.

The Globe’s More Than 28-Year Warm Streak Continues

August 2013 was the fourth warmest such month on record for the globe, with the warmest ocean temperatures.

Human Fingerprints Visible in Atmospheric Changes

Human fingerprints are all over the warming troposphere and cooling stratosphere, says new study.

2013 Arctic Sea Ice Loss

Compared with the median ice cover from 1981-2010, 2013's Arctic sea ice loss comes out to approximately 1.74 times the land area of Texas.…

Hurricane Season

The peak of hurricane & tropical storm activity doesn’t usually come until Sept. 10. And, on average, there tend to be significantly more st…


Corn Ethanol Energy Sources 8 gallons’ worth of the energy in 10 gallons of corn ethanol comes from fossil fuels.