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NASA to Launch New Earth-Observing Satellite

Science Groups Push Obama for Climate Change Summit

Climate Change Set to Batter U.S. Agriculture, Forests

Study Downplays Risk of Catastrophic Amazon ‘Dieback’

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Power Plants Fell in 2011

Earthworms Increase Soils’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ozone Hole’s Shifting Winds May Sap Major Carbon Sink

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Extreme Weather 101: Rising Temps & Snowstorms

Extreme Weather 101: Heat Spikes On the Rise

Extreme Weather 101: Drought & Our Changing Climate

Extreme Weather 101: Climate Change and Precipitation

Greenland’s Ice Sheet More Stable Than Once Believed

What’s Causing Australia’s Heat Wave?

Black Carbon Second Only to CO2 in Heating the Planet

Southwest Faces Looming Threats From Climate Change

It’s Official: 2012 is Hottest U.S. Year on Record

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Carbon Capture and Sequestration off the NJ Coast A demonstration of the process of carbon capture and sequestration for the proposed PurGen plant in Linden, NJ