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Australia’s 2014 Heat Wave Picks Up Where 2013 Left Off

Australia has kicked off 2014 with a severe heat wave that has felled records across the country.

The Front Lines of Climate Change: Charleston’s Struggle

Vulnerable to climate change, South Carolina communities are struggling to respond and plan for the future.

Climate Central Duo Talk About the Polar Vortex

Bernadette Woods-Placky and Andrew Freedman hit the the morning TV shows to put the cold in context.

Winter Precipitation Trends

While every region of the country has seen a rise in winter temperatures since 1970, precipitation trends paint a more varied picture.

Winter Temperature Trends

Since 1970, winters in the continental U.S. have warmed by 0.61°F per decade on average.

EIA: Biggest Energy Producers Are Also Biggest Users

Report shows how NY and CA are energy efficiency leaders despite also being among nation’s largest consumers.

Six Degrees: Frigid U.S., Hot Australia and 2013 Fireworks

Our six top climate stories of the week packaged into one great slideshow for easy reading.

Climate Change Coverage Rebounds in a Big Way in 2013

Climate Central's Andrew Freedman comes in at second most prolific climate change reporter of 2013.

20 Indelible Images Tell the Tale of 2013 in Climate

20 great images and 20 great stories tell the year in climate change news and research.

2013 Climate By the Numbers: One-Stop Shop for it All

Our year-end infographic has it all, a one-stop shop for stats on everything from temperature to tornadoes.

New Map Shows Where White Christmas Odds are Highest

In the mood for a white Christmas? A new map will help you play the odds in the U.S.

Still Uncertain: Climate Change’s Role in Drought

A new analysis says there are still many uncertainties about how climate change is affecting drought globally.

Fracking May Make Texas Power Supply Drought Resistant

Producing electricity from natural gas saves much more water than producing power from coal says study.

In U.S., Winters Warming but Precipitation More Nuanced

Over the past 42 years, U.S. winter temperatures have risen but precipitation trends paint a more nuanced picture.

2013 Record Highs vs. Record Lows

For the first time in 20 years, the U.S. is on track to set more record lows than record highs in 2013.

Is the West’s Dry Spell Really a Megadrought?

The drought affecting parts of the West for 13 years may be a "megadrought," scientists say.

2013 Hurricane Season

This season was the least active since 1982 and the sixth-quietest since 1950.

Xaver Packs Punch in Europe But Barriers Hold

Windstorm Xaver battered Europe, but flood defenses helped most countries avoid a major loss of life and property.

Gradual Climate Changes Could Cause Sudden Impacts

The specter of abrupt climate change has scientists calling for an early warning system in a new report.

Science Made Simple: Take the Dog for a Walk

A fun video uses a unique analogy to explain the important differences between weather and climate.


Accelerated Ice Loss from Greenland Greenland lost much more ice in the 2000's than the decade before