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How Much Precipitation is Needed to End the Drought?

A striking look at how much precipitation the Southwest would need over the next month to end the drought.

Flurry of Coal Power Plant Shutdowns Expected by 2016

New regulations and tough economics may lead to a flurry of coal-fired power plants to close by 2016.

January Record Extremes

The first month of 2014 has left us a nation divided by hot vs. cold weather.

10 Warmest Years on Record Globally

The 10 warmest years on record globally have all happened since 1998, with 2010 still on top as the warmest of all.

Never-Ending Winter? Nah, January in U.S. Was Average

The U.S. saw its fifth-driest January but temperatures were near-normal despite cold records out East.

Bernadette on Baltimore Blast

Bernadette Woods Placky returns to Baltimore, where she once worked at a TV meteorologist, to put the recent winter storm in a climate perspec…

The Winter Olympics in a Warming World

A visual take on the impacts of climate change on Sochi and the 18 other past Winter Olympic venues.

Watch 63 Years of Global Warming in 14 Seconds

Updated to include 2013, this amazing 14-second NASA animation depicts how the globe has warmed since 1950.

Watch 63 Years of Global Warming in 14 Seconds

This amazing 14-second animation from NASA depicts how the globe has warmed since 1950.

Tar Sands Toxins with Keystone XL Link Underestimated

Cancer-causing toxins from the Alberta tar sands may be underestimated, study says.

Super Bowl Will be Far From a Winter Apocalypse

While no one is going to mistake MetLife Stadium for the Orange Bowl, it doesn’t crack the top 5 coldest NFL stadiums

Uncertainty a Big Hurdle in Colorado Climate Planning

Progress in climate change adaptation planning in Colorado is hampered by uncertainty in climate models.

The Year in Weather Like Never Seen Before

What does a year of weather look like? A stunning new visualization using satellite shows 2013 in high definition.

China’s Growing Coal Use Is World’s Growing Problem

China's recent accolades in renewable energy are distracting us from their fossil-fuel dominated reality.

6 Degrees: Web Comics, Super El Ninos & the Olympics

Six hot climate stories from around the world you may have missed from during the week.

Calif. Drought Spurs Some Cities—Not All—to Conserve

Cities across California are imposing drought-related water restrictions immediately — or doing nothing at all.

2013 is 4th Hottest (or 7th); Either Way, it’s Toasty

2013 was the globe's fourth-warmest year on record, NOAA said, continuing the climate's long-term trend.

D.C. Methane Leaks Threaten Explosions, Climate

Study finds nearly 5,900 natural gas pipeline leaks in Washington, D.C., but officials there dismiss hazard.

Sea Ice Cracks Causing Mercury Buildup in Arctic Air

Changes in sea ice could be responsible for shifting mercury and ozone levels in the Arctic's atmosphere.

U.S. Energy-Related CO2 Emissions Increased in 2013

CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels in the U.S. increased in 2013, halting a trend in declining fossil fuels emissions.