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2013 Record Highs vs. Record Lows

For the first time in 20 years, the U.S. is on track to set more record lows than record highs in 2013.

Is the West’s Dry Spell Really a Megadrought?

The drought affecting parts of the West for 13 years may be a "megadrought," scientists say.

2013 Hurricane Season

This season was the least active since 1982 and the sixth-quietest since 1950.

Xaver Packs Punch in Europe But Barriers Hold

Windstorm Xaver battered Europe, but flood defenses helped most countries avoid a major loss of life and property.

Gradual Climate Changes Could Cause Sudden Impacts

The specter of abrupt climate change has scientists calling for an early warning system in a new report.

Science Made Simple: Take the Dog for a Walk

A fun video uses a unique analogy to explain the important differences between weather and climate.

U.S. Methane Emissions Vastly Underestimated: Study

U.S. government has vastly underestimated methane emissions, primarily from oil, gas & cattle industries.

Warsaw Talks Ignore IPCC ‘Carbon Budget’ Approach

The IPCC's carbon budget, a major part of its most recent climate report, is being ignored at U.N. climate talks.

Americans Uninformed About Fracking Says New Study

A new study says most Americans know little or nothing about fracking, despite controversy surrounding it.

Globe’s Unbroken Warm Streak Approaches 29 Years

This past October was the seventh warmest on record globally, continuing a streak of 344 months of above average temperatures.

Scientists, U.N. Official Warn of ‘Unabated’ Coal Use

A group of scientists and the top U.N. climate official told the coal industry that fundamental changes are needed to cut emissions.

Six Degrees: Fashion Models, Military Aid & Mirrors

Six stories capture the diverse climate news this week from scientist-turned-models to the military.

Climate ‘Models’ for Every Month of 2014

Climate scientists took a break from their research to be fashion models, and you can hang the results on your wall come 2014.

Electricity Generated Using Solar Mirrors to Double in 2013

Power generated by solar mirrors is set to double in 2013, the Energy Information Administration announced.

2013 On Track to be Seventh Warmest Year Since 1850

The World Meteorological Organization found that 2013 is likely to be one of the top ten warmest years on record worldwide.

Inland States Most Likely to Ignore Climate Hazards: Study

Inland states are doing little to prepare for natural disasters influenced by human-caused climate change.

Ozone Treaty Accidentally Slowed Global Warming: Study

The Montreal Protocol's reductions in ozone-depleting substances contributed to the recent warming slowdown.

NOAA’s New Cool Tool Puts Climate on View for All

NOAA has created a new tool that let's the public create amazing climate visuals with the click of a button.

Super Typhoon Haiyan Beelines for the Philippines

Haiyan will be the fifth typhoon to hit the Philippines this year and it's also likely the most dangerous.

Voters in Colorado, Ohio Cities Say No to Fracking

Voters Tuesday in several Colorado cities said no to fracking, while efforts in 2 Ohio cities failed.