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Researchers announce they have discovered the likely answer to the lingering question of why the Earth hasn't warmed much in the past decade, even though emissions continue to rise. More>>
Arctic sea ice reached its maximum extent for 2013 in mid-March and was the sixth-lowest on record, putting all 10 lowest ice maxes in the past decade. More>>
A November study found that despite all the controversy surrounding fracking, most Americans know little or nothing about it. More>>
In a stark reversal from last year, 2013 will see daily record lows outnumber daily record highs for the first time in 20 years. More >>
Scientists discover global warming has already doubled the risk of Hurricane Katrina-magnitude storm surges in the U.S. More>>
If global warming were a race, the Northern Hemisphere would be winning. And this year, two studies shed light on the disparity and how it could have profound consequences. More>>
On June 25, President Obama announced his broad plan to limit carbon emissions and prepare the nation for climate change impacts. More >>
Climate scientists took a break from their research to be fashion models, and you can hang the results on your wall come 2014. More>>
A sobering study tied climate change and climate extremes to conflict at all levels, from U.S. cities to the Middle East. More >>
This is what global warming looks like: Two interactives released show that while the warming rate has slowed, we’re clearly living on a warming planet. More >>
Wild weather swings, like the Midwest and South Central states shifting from floods to drought and back to floods again, may be a sign of what's to come due in part to global warming. More>>
A new interactive graphic highlights Hurricane Sandy’s untold filthy legacy . . . sewage. More>>
In trying to make sense of the Moore, Okla., tragedy, we examine whether & how climate change may be influencing tornadoes. More >>
New images, report revealed how at least a dozen busy U.S. airports have been found vulnerable to sea level rise-related flooding risks, including all three of NYC's major airports. More >>
The world's two greatest carbon emitters, the U.S. and China, agreed to expand their joint efforts to curb climate change. More >>
Stunning time-lapse video taken by the employees of Yosemite National Park revealed the power of Yosemite's Rim fire, California's fifth largest wildfire on record. More >>
A detailed look at how the Boulder, Colo., floods fit into the broader climate change and extreme weather discussion. More >>
As many as 5 billion people may face a climate very different from today's by 2050, announced an October study. And the areas to experience changes first may surprise you. More >>
One group began an ambitious plan to create the world's first comprehensive database of coral reef health using cutting-edge technology. More >>
Data collected from Baffin Island, Canada indicated that part of the Arctic is warmer now than at any other time in the past 120,000 years. More>>