March 23 - 29

The 2010 eruption of an Icelandic volcano added iron to the seas, but it disappointed hopes that it would help a natural process remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. More>>
Research suggests its survival of the fattest for Canada's polar bears as a warming climate limits time on the sea ice to hunt. More>>
Get the Claritin ready! Warming temperatures and rising CO2 concentrations are increasing seasonal allergies. More>>
Scientists believe they have discovered the answer to the lingering question of why the Earth hasn't warmed much in the past decade, even though emissions continue to rise. More>>
Parts of the Southeast have emerged from severe drought for the first time since 2010 while the Western half of the country remains firmly in it's grip. More>>
Arctic sea ice reaches its maximum extent for 2013 and it's sixth-lowest on record, putting all 10-lowest ice maxes in the past decade. More>>