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Texas Tops 10 States Ravaged by Extreme Weather in 2011

No. 5 Oklahoma

This past year, OK's summer was the hottest recorded for any state, EVER. Large areas of the state experienced 60-100 days over 100 degress F instead of the typical 15-30 days. Credit: Oklahoma Climatological Survey. 

In 2011 Oklahomans suffered through a brutal combination of severe drought and intense heat, the likes of which have not been seen since the infamous Dust Bowl era of the 1930s. The “Sooner State” had the hottest summer of any state in U.S. history, narrowly beating neighboring Texas, and eclipsing a record that dated to 1934. Oklahoma’s average day and nighttime temperature during July was a scorching 88.9 degrees, the warmest in any state during any month on record

For an idea of how hot it was in Oklahoma last summer, consider this: In Grandfield, the temperature reached or exceeded 100 degrees on a record-setting 97 days from mid-April to September 1.

On top of record heat, last February the state froze its way through the coldest temperature on record: -31 degrees F, and the state’s heaviest 24-hour snowfall on record, when 27 inches fell in the town of Spavinaw. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Oklahomans also struggled with other weather hazards, including the largest hailstone in state history, some of which measured half a foot in diameter.

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