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Texas Tops 10 States Ravaged by Extreme Weather in 2011

No. 2 Alabama

In 2011, hundreds of tornados touched down in Alabama killing more than 240 people. The weather-related damage was estimated at $4.6 billion. Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images.

Alabama was ground zero for the largest tornado outbreak in American history, when more than 100 twisters gouged paths across the state in late April – killing 240 people.

Some of the most intense tornadoes flattened heavily populated areas. One twister, shown nationally on live TV, tore through downtown Tuscaloosa and went on to destroy parts of Birmingham. Another monster twister, this one an EF-5 with winds stronger than 200 mph, tracked across northern Alabama, killing 78 people, becoming one of the deadliest single tornadoes in modern American history.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, Alabama saw the most tornadoes of any state this year, with 170. The staggering death toll and damage these storms caused led to a wave of Alabama state pride, with the mantra “We are Alabama” spreading throughout social media networks in the storms’ wake. 

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