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Climate Change Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

DAILY CLIMATE - From heat stress to sewage overflows, climate change promises to bring extreme weather that can throw our nation's ill-prepared public health infrastructure 'back to the 1890s,' according to experts.… Read More

High Above the Earth, Satellites Track Melting Ice

YALE E360 - Scientists are using increasingly sophisticated satellite technology to measure the extent, thickness, and height of ice, assembling an essential picture of a planet in transition.… Read More

Climategate Scientist Cleared in Inquiry, Again

DAILY CLIMATE - Cleared by one panel, Michael Mann - and climate science in general - continue to generate controversy. … Read More

A Tale of Two Climate Change Stories

YALE FORUM FOR CLIMATE CHANGE & THE MEDIA - The Times, the Globe and the ‘Front-Page Thought’ … Read More

New England’s Stately Oaks and Hemlocks Give Way as the Region Warms

DAILY CLIMATE - Spring did not come for the oaks of Martha's Vineyard. In the denuded branches, scientists see a fingerprint of climate change - and a pattern of things to come.… Read More

Green Design Missing Some Hues, Group Says

DAILY CLIMATE - LEED's downplaying of human health should be corrected as the gold standard for sustainable design becomes more accepted, a group of environmental health scientists warn in a new report.… Read More

Honesty Is Always the Best Policy

ON EARTH - The author of Time's first cover story on global warming looks at climate coverage now.… Read More

Buckle in for Hurricane Season 2010

TIME - Anniversaries of major natural disasters are usually times to reflect with awe on the forces the planet can unleash.… Read More