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New England’s Stately Oaks and Hemlocks Give Way as the Region Warms

DAILY CLIMATE - Spring did not come for the oaks of Martha's Vineyard. In the denuded branches, scientists see a fingerprint of climate change - and a pattern of things to come.… Read More

Green Design Missing Some Hues, Group Says

DAILY CLIMATE - LEED's downplaying of human health should be corrected as the gold standard for sustainable design becomes more accepted, a group of environmental health scientists warn in a new report.… Read More

Honesty Is Always the Best Policy

ON EARTH - The author of Time's first cover story on global warming looks at climate coverage now.… Read More

Buckle in for Hurricane Season 2010

TIME - Anniversaries of major natural disasters are usually times to reflect with awe on the forces the planet can unleash.… Read More

The Incubators

DAILY CLIMATE - Local governments serve as idea labs for federal lawmakers, creating a 'safe' space as politicians consider changes to national climate and energy reform.… Read More

Five Local Ideas Influencing National Policy

DAILY CLIMATE - Here are five ideas coming out of local governments that promise to shape the national debate on climate change and energy reform… Read More

Climate Outlook Raises Concerns for Haiti

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Climate outlook raises concerns about heavy rainfall, hurricanes… Read More

Study: Global Warming Is Driving Lizards to Extinction

TIME - Populations of lizards have died out on five continents over the past few decades, a direct result of global warming, a new study reports. … Read More